Select Board
Thursday, June 2, 2022
Meeting Minutes

Select Board: Andrea Hodson, Kathy Scott, and Pegg Monahan
Attendees:      Code Enforcement Officer Mike Wilder, Jonathan Richardson,
Christopher Staples

The chair called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm.

Agenda – The board moved to approve the agenda with the police staffing topic moved to the end of the meeting. All voted in favor.

Meeting Minutes of 5/27 – Approval of the May 27 minutes was deferred to June 9.

Chesham neighborhood complaint – The board returned to the complaint regarding junk accumulation on two properties. Mr. Wilder noted, if vehicles are not currently registered and inspected, they are considered junk under Article 4.1.8 and must be removed. He recommended the board send a letter by certified mail inviting the property owners to attend a SB meeting to discuss cleanup. The SB will draft the letter for signature. Mr. Wilder will attend the meeting.

Ambulance service – The chair noted that the Town’s contract with Diluzio Ambulance Service ends in December 2022.  Once the County opens its doors to offer service, and as the board begins budget planning for 2023, the Town will reassess whether to renew with Diluzio or change service providers. At this time, there will be no change. The board will send a letter thanking DiLuzio and the County for meeting with them.

Landfill Groundwater Monitoring Permit – Andrea Hodson updated the board on her conversation with the engineer from Wilcox & Barton regarding scope of services. She supports transitioning to W&B to replace Golder Associates.

The town has 4 monitoring wells and 1 surface water collection site within the required testing radius of the closed landfill. Tests revealed low levels of PFAS in one of the wells in recent years. DES requested the town continue to monitor but has not required any remediation. Separately, the board chair is looking into possibility of water treatment system or filter system for the highway department where the wells are located. It is possible that grant money could help fund the system. With no objections or concerns raised, the board moved and voted in favor to appoint Wilcox & Barton to monitor groundwater in proximity of the closed landfill and to provide Groundwater Monitoring Permit compliance support in 2022.

Grant application updates – The town has filed its intention to participate in hazard mitigation funding allocations. The town will apply for $55,280 for 3 generators, $5,000 to create a scope of work for mold remediation at Old Fire Station, and $5,000 for a reverse osmosis filter system at the Highway Barn. Separately, the town has applied for $21,162 for 3 mini-splits for the Library, Police Department and the Town Clerk’s office.  The board anticipates feedback from Homeland Security on the letter of intent, which would be followed by a complete application due July 1.

Another grant opportunity, the Local Equipment Recovery Program, has a $50,000 cap for each municipality. The town will apply for funds for the police cruiser, approved at 2022 Town Meeting, as well as for safety and informational signage. These funds would have to be spent by December 2022. The board agreed to place the order for the police cruiser and agreed to submit the equipment purchase application for signage with any remaining funds to go toward the cruiser. The board also noted it will ensure compliance with the town’s sign ordinance when the time comes.

A grant through the Department of Transportation has a deadline of September 15. Possible uses for these funds include Culverts, wall repair along Canal Street. A road survey will also being discussed. The board will continue discussion of this next week.

Employee Manual, benefits and part-time staffing – The board continues its work to revise the Employee Manual. They will revisit and further discuss the policy on paid leave for regularly scheduled part-time employees.

Payroll warrant – Kathy Scott and Pegg Monahan, for auditing purposes, reviewed and approved the payroll journal in the amount of $24,681.03. The auditors are aware that a select board member is temporarily backfilling the finance coordinator position and, in this capacity, will not sign checks that she issues.

Commercial bus parking – The board noted that, though occurring since 2018, the parking of large commercial buses in the village has not previously been brought to the board’s attention. The board will reach out to the business owner and explore a process for identifying options for a safe and appropriate location for these vehicles.

Correspondence and other business – The SB acknowledged receipt of a letter of intent to reclaim deeded property. Under state law the former owner has 3 years to request redemption. The board chair will contact town counsel to clarify legal eligibility and to confirm the documentation required. A price also needs to be calculated according to the RSA requirements.

Non-public session – At 9:05 pm the board moved and voted in favor per RSA 91-A:3II(b) to enter non-public session to discuss the police chief candidate search. The board discussed the recommendations of the search committee and the process for next steps. At 10:00 pm the board moved and voted in favor to exit non-public session. No selection was made.

The meeting adjourned at 10:05 pm.