Tuesday, May 24, 2022
Meeting Minutes

Members present: Noel Greiner, Doug Walker, Sarah Tibbetts, Kully Mindemann, Michael Price, Kathy Scott, Rex Baker

Attendees: Erin Hammerstedt

Approve meeting agenda – Michael Price moved to approve the agenda as prepared. Kathy Scott seconded. All voted in favor.

Meeting minutes of April 26, 2022 – Kathy Scott moved to approve the minutes of the April meeting as submitted. Doug Walker seconded. All voted in favor.

HDC #2022-2, Historic Harrisville, Inc, 69 Main Street, Mill #6 (Map 32 – Lot 42) – Erin Hammerstedt of Historic Harrisville applied for approval for permanent safety railings, painted black, on the roof of Mill #6 tower to protect personnel going in and out of the roof hatch. She explained that the railings, currently painted yellow, remain from the construction work during installation of solar equipment. Jeff Cady, working on site, recommended that they be extended another 5’ to the roof parapet. The railings have weighted bases and the railing posts drop in to these. They are not bolted into the roof. HHI is also willing to consider a dark green color.

In further discussion, Doug Walker agreed with the safety recommendation that the extra sections of railing be installed. Ms. Hammerstedt noted HHI hadn’t definitely decided it would install extensions to the existing railings but requested that the board include approval for them, in addition to approval for the railings in place, in the event they decide to do so.

Subsequently, Michael Price moved to approve the handrails as recommended by Jeff Cady, with the decision up to HHI about whether or not additional sections would be added. All voted in favor. The board will issue a certificate of approval to HHI for the project.

Rex Baker then raised the question of the additional electrical infrastructure installed around the mill buildings that was not part of the Historic District Commission approval for the solar project. He applauded the landscaping to help conceal it but wondered why the board wasn’t informed. Ms. Hammerstedt explained how Eversource’s electrical upgrades evolved and led to the current configuration but, at the time of Harrisville Designs’ application before the HDC, they weren’t aware of exactly what would be involved. She noted that above-ground power upgrade would have been easier but the goal was to have the visual impact as minimal as possible. She offered to submit an application or come before the HDC for after-the-fact approval. Doug Walker encouraged members to view on their own the transformer and sector cabinet equipment adjacent to the sprinkler pump house and Harrisville Designs and to bring thoughts back to the board next month. Ms. Hammerstedt will attend next month as well.

New business – Application for 10 Main Street will be heard next month to replace the roof in-kind and to install a mini-split unit with outdoor compressor.

Brief update on welcome packet – Doug Walker noted he met with Erin Hammerstedt about the project and HHI is  happy to help with the text for the brochure and welcome baskets. HHI Archives staff may also be available to help.

The meeting adjourned at 7:36 pm.