Harrisville Conservation Commission
Wednesday, June 1, 2022 7:00 PM

In Town Hall & zoom from link on https://harrisvillenh.org or click this zoom link

  1. Agenda & Minutes – Review / approve
  2. Patton Property Woods Trail discussion with Harrisville Trails (7:05 pm)

Harrisville Trails members will join a discussion of great scenic trail opportunities

  1. Harris Center proposal to reclassify section o Class VI road to Trail A (7:30 pm)
    1. Eric Aldrich & Eric Masterson will discuss proposal to reclassify section of now Class VI road that goes through Harrisville connecting Jaquith Road, Hancock, on one end and Nubanusit Road in Nelson
    2. This multi-town project would require a town Warrant Article at next year’s meeting
  2. Protecting our Lakes (continued)
    1. HCC support for Lake Host programs approved by selectboard
    2. Poster sent to Common Threads
    3. Mailout discussion


  1. Invasive land plants
    1. Update on management & Control techniques
      1. Ralph: alternate herbicides
      2. NH Best Management Practices Guide for Japanese Knotweed manual: https://www.agriculture.nh.gov/publications-forms/documents/japanese-knotweed-bmps.pdf
    2. Assessing Risk vs Hazard with respect to herbicides (8 minute videos)
    3. Example of Hancock Rd / Rt 137 eradication success by homeowner


  1. Plans for Old Homes Day & the 150th Sesquicentenial celebaration


  1. NH Lakes Congress – Thurs 6/2 – Fri 6/3
    1. https://nhlakes.org/lakes-congress/ ($75, reimbursed by Con Com)
    2. Harry on panel: protecting our wetlands and lakes


  1. Reports on actions of other town committees and environmental groups
    1. Selectboard
    2. Planning Board
    3. Zoning Board of Adjustment
    4. Historic District Commission
    5. Trails
    6. Historic Harrisville
    7. Community Power


  1. Other business