SB Meeting
Thursday, March 31, 2022
Meeting Minutes

Board members: Andrea Hodson, Chair; Kathy Scott, Pegg Monahan

Attendees:  HCC Chair Harry Wolhandler, Ralph Zingaro, Cindra Zingaro, Don Scott, Road Agent Wes Tarr, Jennifer Pettis, Guy Pettis, Ned Hulbert, Earl Horn

The meeting opened at 7:00 pm.

Agenda, Minutes – The board moved and voted in favor to approve the agenda with the amendment to move up the Conservation Commission item. The board then unanimously approved the minutes of the March 25 meeting.

Department and Committee Forum
HCC – Conservation Commission Chair Harry Wolhandler introduced his nominee Ralph Zingaro, who is interested in joining the committee. Mr. Zingaro shared his experience working as a horticulturalist, and as a consultant on invasive species and to combat tree diseases. Following further discussion of the HCC’s priorities, including combatting aquatic invasives and strengthening the weed watching initiative on the town’s lakes, Pegg Monahan moved to appoint Ralph Zingaro to the HCC to serve for a 3-year term. Andrea seconded. All voted in favor.  The board also signed oaths of office for HCC members Don Scott and Les LaMois to renew their 3-year terms.

Monadnock Conservancy easement on Patton property – Mr. Wolhandler will connect with the Trails Committee to discuss the conservation easement on the now town-owned, ten-acre parcel. He also is working with the Monadnock Conservancy, which oversees the easement.

Roads & Subdivisions – Andrea Hodson is drafting a flow chart for PB members on the subdivision application process. This will accompany the existing regulations and town ordinances. The chair will share the document with town counsel for his input.

SWRPC & Culvert Inventory project update – Pegg Monahan updated the board on her conversation with SWRPC regarding culvert inventories. The Road Agent confirmed that the Highway Department can undertake an inventory of condition and location of culverts on all town roads.  SWRPC can then map the locations on their GIS database. The Board discussed the importance of the information. Pegg Monahan will explore more about a possible grant and/or its requirements and continue to coordinate with the Road Agent.

Correspondence from the Silver Lake Association – The SB acknowledged receipt of the correspondence from SLA president Ben Dexter requesting assistance to repair the drainage issue near the boat ramp along Breed Road. The Road Agent reviewed the request but is concerned the material can’t be moved because of its location below the water line. Andrea Hodson will check with Fish & Game on the matter.

Transportation Committee – Update on speed radar sign on Route 137 – Ned Hulbert reviewed the purposes of the two speed radars, funded through a MAST Grant from SWRPC. He noted that the sign on 137 was malfunctioning but has since been refurbished by the manufacturer. The Transportation Committee hopes to test it, potentially moving it slightly further north on 137 for maximum effectiveness. The Road Agent will reinstall the post at the desired location. The TC will communicate with Zach Byam, police officer in charge. The SB supports the plan.

Board and Committee nomination form – The Board reviewed the revised draft and will share it with boards and committees to get their comments.

Select Board organization – The SB confirmed that the following members will serve as Alternate SB Representatives on town boards: Andrea Hodson will serve as Alternate Representative to the Conservation Commission and the ZBA; Pegg Monahan will serve as Alternate to the Historic District Commission; and Kathy Scott will serve as Alternate to the PB.

SB Rules of Procedure – Andrea Hodson circulated a draft Rules of Procedure for the Select Board. Pegg Monahan and Kathy Scott will review and share feedback.

Additional SB appointments and re-appointmentsThe SB also signed Oaths of Office for Courtney Cox to the Planning Board, Andrea Hodson as SB Representative to the Planning Board, Kathy Scott as SB Representative to the Conservation Commission and Historic District Commission, Rex Baker to the Zoning Board, and Pegg Monahan as SB Representative to the Zoning Board. Following a motion by Pegg Monahan to accept all items on the consent agenda, all voted in favor.

Correspondence & Other Business
Mascoma Bank –
The SB read aloud a resolution for Mascoma Bank for check signatures of the Select Board members and the Treasurer and Assistant TreasurerThese officials will individually visit the bank to sign their individual forms.

Assessing – The SB signed the Intent to Excavate for Map 10 – Lot 6, Hillsboro Aggregates and signed the Current Use application for Tryba Revocable Trust, 21 Nelson Road.

Finance – The SB signed the MS-232, which lists the appropriations voted at Town Meeting.

SB;  The SB signed the agreement with Small Town Heating & Cooling for installation of the mini-split at town offices in the amount of $6,518. A down payment will be provided with agreement; The SB signed the pay warrant in the amount of $19,453.46.

The SB will not meet next Thursday.   Members moved to adjourn at 9:25 pm.