Select Board
Friday, March 25, 2022
Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Andrea Hodson, Kathy Scott, Pegg Monahan

Members of the public: Deborah Abbott, Dawn Randall, Sarah Kendall, Marylou DiPietro, Winston Sims, Don Scott, Andrew Maneval, Steve Weber, Sherry Sims

The chair called the meeting to order at 9:33 am.

Presentation of Boston Post Cane to Dawn Randall – Town Clerk Cathy Lovas presented the Boston Post Cane and an engraved plaque to the town’s eldest resident, Dawn Randall. This is a tradition stemming from the early 20thcentury when the Boston Post Company’s granted gold headed ebony canes to municipalities to give to their oldest residents. The cane presented is a replica; the original is displayed in the town offices.  Numerous residents were on hand to congratulate Dawn Randall for this honor.

Meeting Minutes of 3/17/2022 – With two amendments, the SB voted to approve the meeting minutes of 3/17.

Non-public session – At 9:47 am, per RSA 91-A3II(L) and consideration of legal advice provided by legal counsel, the SB moved and voted unanimously in favor to enter non-public session.  Following discussion, at 10:13 am, the SB moved and voted in favor to exit non-public session. They voted unanimously in favor to seal the minutes.

Board and committee forum – Planning Board Co-Chair Lisa Anderson and Wilderness Trail property owner Howard Clark, Jr. asked the SB to clarify questions related to Mr. Clark’s conceptual proposal to subdivide the family’s 73-acre parcel along Wilderness Trail. The question at hand is the legal status of road, whether it’s a private road in this section, or a right of way, and whether or not subdivision is permissible. The SB recently provided a guidance document to the PB in its consideration of the issues. Mr. Clark raised the town’s prior approval for subdivision and development along the road; however current board members don’t believe precedent applies. The SB asked Ms. Anderson to further clarify the unanswered questions, which then will be forwarded to legal counsel for input. The SB also suggested that Mr. Clark bring forth an application to the PB.  Ms. Anderson requested that the town work on crafting more concrete direction for boards to address development in town.

Highway Department – The Town has posted an RFP for the paving of Mason Road. The Road Agent reported he has ordered culverts and underdrain in anticipation of rising prices. Kathy Scott asked for time, when schedules allow, for the SB to discuss with the Road Agent the wing walls of the South Road bridge, and drainage at the Silver Lake boat landing and the intersection of Blood Hill and Prospect Streets.

Regarding the culvert survey and inventory project, the SB will put this out for bid. Wes Tarr noted the state has its own inventory for culverts along Dublin Road, Chesham Road, Breed Road and Nelson Road.

Pegg Monahan will check with SWRPC on any support and/or funding available, as well as clarification on state regulations regarding culverts.

Building Maintenance/well contamination – Jeff Cady updated the board on the water testing and well analysis for the town offices and fire department. Cushing & Sons found no petroleum product in the well, so there is no need to drill a new one. The inspection also showed no damage to the well or well casing. Cushing will re-install the pump and sanitize the system, and periodic water testing will be done following this process. The SB will consider the option of installing a carbon filter based on the follow up testing. DES would like the town to take soil samples from around the generator, which also was inspected for a possible leak or damage. Neither was found.  Mr. Cady will have the soil tested.

-Mini-split for Town Offices – Based on the quotes provided, the board agreed that Mr. Cady should proceed with having the heating/AC unit installed by Chris Dargie for $6,500.

-Painting of library steeple – Dylan Pierpont will begin work as weather allows.

Town Hall exterior painting – John Meehan will be asked to proceed following his quote of $8,500.

-Donation of surplus PPE – Based on the availability of high quantities of unused Personal Protective Equipment at the Fire Station, which was provided to the town by the state free of charge, Mr. Cady suggested that 2 dozen containers be donated. The board agreed.

-Speed sign on Route 137 – Mr. Cady will reinstall the radar sign along Route 137 near Hancock Road.

Tax Collector – Jeannine Dunne updated the SB on the elderly deferral process and the tax collection receivables report to date. She noted that this year’s receipts are in line with the previous few years and that tax liens have been decreasing.  Delinquent tax notices were mailed mid-February for unpaid 2021 taxes as well as for any prior year taxes owed. For those unpaid by April 15, lien notices will go out. Deed notices go out in July.  For regular tax bills, Part 1 bills are issued in early June with a due date in early July.  The 2nd bill typically goes out early Nov, with a due date of early December.

Assessing Department  – The Assessor is in the process of drafting an RFP for the town’s pending Revaluation in 2023.

Finance Department – Pay notification letters will go out to employees in the coming week.

Boards and committees – The SB Chair discussed a draft form for residents interested in serving on town boards or committees. They also discussed the process for nominations and recommendations. Andrea Hodson will revise the draft, and further outline the process to ensure it is more systematic and intentional. The SB will continue discussion at its next meeting.

Kathy Scott noted that the Historic District Commission nominated Michael Price and recommends him for appointment. Following discussion the board moved and voted unanimously in favor to appoint Michael Price to the HDC. The SB signed oath of office for Sarah Tibbetts’ appointment to the HDC.

HCC Chair Harry Wolhandler submitted in writing the nomination of Ralph Zingaro to the Conservation Commission. The board will discuss this further at its next meeting.

Transportation Committee (TC) – The Town will accept a $500 contribution from Wells Memorial School toward speed radar signs in the school safety zone. The TC also confirmed it was awarded another  Complete Streets Implementation Grant in the amount of $12,275. The SB signed the Complete Streets agreement, which lays out the town’s administrative and reporting requirements.

At 12:35 pm, the SB moved to continue the meeting until 3:15 pm to meet with Zach Byam, Officer in Charge, regarding police department operations.

Minutes, DRAFT (meeting continued at 3:15pm)
Select Board
: present in person, Andrea Hodson, Kathy Scott, Pegg Monahan
Attendees: Officer in Charge, Zach Byam

The Board reconvened at 3:15pm to meet with Officer Byam to discuss Police Department operations & staffing overall, agreeing that the

  • The Board’s staffing plan will aim to balance adequate case load support with call responsiveness for a town our size
  • The core schedule for weekday, weekend, and on-call coverage is ideally maintained by Harrisville hires to support a community policing approach (versus contracted or special detail)
  • The Board can consider fulltime and/or parttime hires to provide coverage
  • Candidate in-State and/or out-of-State certification(s) would be considered in the candidate evaluation process, as would NHRS cap on hours as applied to candidates who have retired from fulltime appointments
  • As noted previously, additional support is available from neighboring towns, the County, and the State
  • The content for the police chief announcement is ready to post, and to cast the net as wide as possible the Board will offer the position as a fulltime or parttime position

The Board set its meeting dates for April 14 and 21 at 7pm, April 29 at 930am.

The meeting adjourned at 4:45pm by unanimous vote.