Historic District Commission
Tuesday, March 22, 2022
Meeting Minutes

The Historic District Commission held a regularly scheduled meeting at Town Offices, 705 Chesham Road, on Tuesday, March 22, 2022.

Attendees: Doug Walker, Noel Greiner, Kathy Scott, Sarah Tibbetts

Members of the public: Ed Tibbetts, Erin Hammerstedt, Michael Price

Vice Chairman Noel Greiner opened the meeting at 7:00 pm.

Agenda – Following review of the agenda, all voted in favor to approve as drafted.

Meeting Minutes of February 22 – All voted in favor to approve the minutes of the previous meeting.

Welcome Sarah Tibbetts – The HDC welcomed Sarah Tibbetts, new member to the board. Members shared ideas for helpful workshops and resources and will provide Ms. Tibbetts with new member orientation materials, including the Rules of Procedure, the HDC Regulations, the hearing application form and other supplemental material.

Conceptual Review for Historic Harrisville – Erin Hammerstedt, representing Historic Harrisville, explained that HHI would like to mount three bat houses to the exterior of the Harris Mill to prevent their nesting in the attic of the building. They hope to mount the bat houses before their return in April. Ms. Hammerstedt showed the board a prototype per specifications provided by the state, noting it’s the smallest size they recommend. They would be mounted on the south and east facing facades, likely under the building soffit.

During discussion, the board determined that a formal application was not required. Doug Walker recommended that rain gutters, bat houses, bird houses be exempt from such review. Kathy Scott recommended that property owners at least come in for discussion. Subsequently, Doug Walker moved that HHI bat house proposal does not require an application. Noel Greiner seconded. Members voted unanimously in favor.

Prospective member meet and greet – Kathy Scott reviewed the process for consideration of new members. Michael Price indicated his interest in joining. The HDC will convey his interest and the HDC’s recommendation to the Select Board.  Noel Greiner subsequently moved that the HDC recommend to the SB that Michael Price be named to the HDC. All voted in favor. The recommendation will now pass to the SB.

Election of officers – Members reviewed that each year following town meeting, the board votes to elect its officers, including Chair, Vice Chair, and Secretary. Doug Walker reviewed the position descriptions and process for electing according to the HDC’s Rules of Procedure. Members also appoint an application reviewer; Doug Walker will continue to fulfill this position. Another unofficial position is liaison to Historic Harrisville.  Members will vote next month on these offices and positions.

Training – The board also recommended training courses available for all board members, including NHMA’s Right to Know workshop on April 28, and the NH Preservation Alliance course on May 17. Course fees are paid for by the town. The Select Board office can assist with registration.

Subcommittee project – Doug Walker will continue with other citizen volunteers to put together a pamphlet for new owners of historic district properties, providing them with information about their historic home and the district. He will draw up an outline of the goals of the project and suggestions for implementation.

The meeting adjourned at 7:50 pm.