Select Board Meeting
Thursday, March 3, 2022
Meeting Minutes

Select Board: Andrea Hodson, Kathy Scott, Andrew Maneval
Attendees:  Max Boyd, Connie Boyd, Town Clerk Cathy Lovas, Cheshire County Sheriff Eli Rivera, Pegg Monahan, John Knight, Road Agent Wes Tarr, Emergency Management Director Jeff Cady

The meeting opened at 7:00 pm.

Agenda – With the addition of the request from Andrew Maneval to enter non-public session to discuss legal matters, the SB moved and voted in favor to approve the agenda.
Minutes of February 25
– The board voted in favor to approve the minutes as submitted.

Board and committee forum
Police Department – In light of the resignation of Police Chief Mike Tollett effective March 15, the SB discussed options for law enforcement coverage. County Sheriff Eli Rivera was on hand to provide information and as to how the county and state provide support, noting the state provides coverage when an officer isn’t available locally.  Response is available 24/7 if needed; otherwise communities decide for themselves the level of coverage desired. Coverage for municipalities is available via three year contract agreement at negotiated rates with the county, though this is conditional on staffing at their end. They currently have contracts with Gilsum, Sullivan and Richmond.  Sheriff Rivera also explained 9-1-1 dispatch and how county works with state and/or local enforcement. He remains on hand to answer any questions.

-Facilities – The board discussed and revised the draft rental agreement with Harrisville Designs to lease a portion of the old Highway Garage on Skatutakee Road for temporary storage during the business’s move of its spinning operations back to the mill building on Main Street. Andrew Maneval will revise as discussed and send to Harrisville Designs for its signature. In a formal motion, the board moved to approve the rental contract as amended. Mr. Cady will review and sign and return the agreement to Mr. Maneval for his signature on behalf of the Select Board. All voted in favor.

-Highway Department – Wes Tarr reported that he was just informed of a dramatic rise in culvert prices. He reviewed with the board the current inventory and what needs to be ordered. Mr. Tarr expects to need six 20’-length sections of pipe plus additional 2’ pipe length.

-Regarding the Mason Road paving warrant article and the paving length of 4800 feet, the board will re-confirm the numbers on the contract and in the budget prior to town meeting.

Electric Aggregation Committee – Implementation Recommendation for Harrisville Community Power Plan
Jon Knight and Katie Hamon of the Electric Aggregation Committee presented the committee’s proposal to the Select Board and its recommendation that the town partner with the Community Power Coalition of New Hampshire for implementation of the Community Power Plan. The committee’s recommendation is based on their surveying of potential partners, interviews with entities and meetings with other towns. A matrix was created and used to compare and evaluate findings of this research. (A copy of the EAC’s recommendation and findings is attached.)

Based on comparison of net supply rates, renewable energy options, reserve fund potential, contract terms, service cost, retail account services and experience, the EAC believes CPCNH offers an advantage given its local control and influence, reserve fund option, efficiency, bargaining power and risk management. The EAC also stated that the recommendation comes with conditions attached. CPCNH must be able to staff a team, contract with service providers, and create a suitable cost-sharing & reserve fund that meets the Town of Harrisville’s goals.

Given that the PUC and legislative conditions are yet to be determined, the Community Power Plan may need to be adjusted and resubmitted based on legislative outcome and rulemaking. The EAC will track both, and update the SB and townspeople about PUC rules and what may need to change. They hope to launch the plan in Spring of 2023.

Following discussion and the request of the committee for the SB to vote to move forward, albeit absent a recommendation to enter a contract with CPCNH at this time, Kathy Scott moved to accept the recommendation of the EAC to select CPCNH as its implementation partner for the Town of Harrisville, subject to the conditions outlined. Andrew Maneval seconded.  The board voted unanimously in favor.

Town Meeting  -The board reviewed the logistics for setup and proceedings for Town Meeting next Tuesday, March 8, at Wells Memorial School.

Other business
-Water testing at town offices and fire station – Based on the lab results from Environmental Analytics,  Health Officer David Belknap will talk to EAI and the SB office will obtain information on the well from Cushing & Sons.

-Wilderness Trail – The board discussed its general guidance for the Planning Board on the property owner’s consultation request the PB has received.

-Pay warrant – The SB Signed the pay warrant in the amount of $20,961.83.

At 10:00 pm, Andrew Maneval moved to enter non-pubic session pursuant to RSA 91-A:3I(j) relative to confidential information from an adjudicative procedure.  Mr. Maneval sought to update the SB on discussions with counsel on a pending lawsuit.  All voted in favor. Following discussion, the board moved and voted unanimously in favor to seal the minutes of the session.  At 10:12 pm, members moved and voted in favor to exit non-public session.

The meeting adjourned at 10:15 pm.