Select Board Meeting
Friday, February 25, 2022
Meeting Minutes

Select Board: Andrea Hodson, Kathy Scott, and Andrew Maneval
Attendees:  EMD Jeff Cady, Police Chief Mike Tollett, Gus Lerandeau

The chair opened the meeting at 9:30 am.

Agenda and meeting minutes – The board moved and voted in favor to approve the agenda and the minutes of the previous meeting as submitted.

Department and committee forum
Highway -– Andrea Hodson reported that the update from Wes Tarr on the estimate for paving Mason Road may run over due to the spike in the price of oil. The work is expected to cost $5,000 more than planned for. Gus Lerandeau explained that the estimate was submitted in August and the price skyrocketed in January. The SB noted that an amendment may need to be made from the floor at Town Meeting to account for this, as well as the road length. The project is 4300 feet, not 4800 as stated in the warrant article. The budget estimate was for 4300 feet.

Separately, the Road Agent was informed of a cancellation in truck orders, meaning one may unexpectedly be available for the town in the fall of 2022 . The anticipated cost is $150,000 base price plus accessories such as a plow blade. Mr. Tarr will obtain paperwork for lease/purchase options from the dealer for the board to review.

Police – At 9:40 am, at the request of Police Chief Mike Tollett, the board moved and voted unanimously in favor to enter non-public session under RSA 91-A3(II) to discuss an employee matter. Following the discussion, the board voted to keep the minutes unsealed and to share that, for personal reasons, the police chief submitted his resignation effective March 15, 2022. The board, at next week’s meeting, will discuss a course of action pursuant to this announcement.

Facilities – The SB considered the request of Harrisville Designs to rent storage space at the old highway barn on Skatutakee Road to store shipping supplies, including cardboard and yarn, for a period of three months. As a tenant, Harrisville Designs would be willing to sign a waiver relieving the town of any liability related to the use of the storage space and is offering $500 per month in rental income.  They hope to secure an agreement as quickly as possible in light of their pending move out of the Skatutakee Road site.

SB members were in favor of the proposal, as long as the town was relieved of any and all liability. The board also expressed an interest in developing a standard process for renting town property.  The terms discussed include $500 per month rental fee, for a period of three months, extendable on a month to month basis through agreement by both parties, with full liability waiver accorded to the town by Harrisville Designs. Mr. Maneval subsequently moved, on the basis of the terms just outlined and subject to final agreement, to approve the request by Harrisville Designs. Andrea Hodson seconded. All voted in favor.  Ms. Hodson will draft the rental agreement for review by the board and Harrisville Designs in the coming week.

Historic District Commission – The SB reviewed the process for board and committee appointments and requested that all board and committee chairs have interested candidates submit a letter of interest with name, contact information, the name of the board he or she is interested in joining and relevant interests, skills or experience. The SB will draft a form to give to all board and committee chairs, as part of a process the SB recommends for all boards and committees.

The SB also noted that it understands, based on RSAs 673:14 and 500-A:12, that it is not moving forward with recommendation of Erin Hammerstedt as an appointee to the HDC. They understand that she could serve in a consulting role in a public manner on historic district matters. The noted RSAs relate to reasons for disqualification and juror standards as they apply to land use boards such as the HDC. The SB looks forward to receiving further recommendations.

Recycle Center Committee – The next official meeting of the committee is April 7. The SB noted that, after Town Meeting, it will formally name the committee.

Town MeetingMarch 8
Board members reviewed presentation of individual warrant articles. They also discussed logistics of the meeting, as school officials are providing additional space to safely accommodate attendees. The SB leaves to Town Clerk Cathy Lovas the presentation of the Boston Cane.

Other business / Legal
The SB noted it received the summons and complaint filed by John Alexander Cucchi. The chair moved to task Andrew Maneval to consult with legal counsel on the matter. Mr. Maneval will report back to the SB. Ms. Hodson also would like to further follow up with Susan and Daniel Loyd on their correspondence to the effect that the matter is subject to pending litigation, so the board will not be responding to them. The subject matter of the litigation is the same as their request; the Town is happy to furnish them with a copy of the complaint.

The next meeting of the SB is Thursday, March 3, at 7:00 pm.