MINUTES 2/10/2022

  • Welcome & Housekeeping issues
    • In attendance Mary Ann Noyer, Brian Tarr, Mike Tollett, Jeff Cady
    • Excused Roberta Gline
    • Next meeting 4/14/2022 at 10 AM at the Town Office building
  • Review of previous minutes
    • Minutes of 10/6/2021 reviewed and accepted
  • Review of incidents over period
    • There were no injuries, near misses or incidents reported during the period
  • Communication to Town employees
    • In an effort to provide a broader basis for communication to the community, it was decided to give Emergency Management & Safety its own location on the Town website. This would include schedules, meeting minutes, audit sheets and timely communications. Jeff to review and provide current and historical information to Mary Ann and she will set up the site.
  • Review of previous audits & status
    • Jeff will provide to the committee a summary of 2021 audit findings and observations. For 2021 all findings of consequence were addressed and closed, while some observations of a lesser potential impact are still open
  • Schedule for 2022, meetings and audits was accepted and agreed upon and will be posted on the EM & Safety Link
  • Review of current Team Structure & is it working
    • The question was brought up is the current structure working, after a brief discussion it was agreed that it was.
  • Roundtable
    • A partial power shutdown for parts of the mill complex is scheduled for 2/11/2022
    • The committee attended a Webinar put on by Eversource titled Managing an Energy Emergency which was being presented at the same time as this meeting and the Committee chose to participate. Presented by Eversource subject matter experts and management, it was looking at the potential need from this time onward in history to understand and be prepared for the possible need for the Independent System Operators (ISO) who provide electricity, in this case to the New England states. Discussed were communication, possible load shedding, rolling blackouts, community planning and response to include special needs residents, local reduction of need, Business Continuity Planning, generators, elevators, hospitals, and airports. Though some do not directly apply to Harrisville, they could all be affected. More on this will be posted on the EM & Safety link on the Town Website.