Meeting Minutes of the Select Board
December 21, 2021, 9:30am – 12:30pm
Select Board Members: Andrea Hodson, Chair, Kathy Scott, Andrew Maneval

Attendees: Emergency Management Director Jeff Cady, Police Chief Mike Tollett, Transportation Committee Members Mary Day Mordecai, Earl Horn, Barbara Watkins, and  Alison Weber

Agenda, Minutes. The Board amended the Agenda to include administering the Oath of Office for Andrew Maneval, Interim Select Board member, and approved the Agenda as otherwise posted. The Board deferred approval of the Minutes until the next meeting.

Oath of Office. The Board Chair administered the Oath of Office per RSA 42:1 (required oath), Section 42:2 (Select Board may administer), and Article 84 (circumstances to warrant this action). Effectively swearing in Andrew Maneval whom the Board appointed as interim Select Board Member through the next election in March.

Overview of Select Board projects and 2021 YTD expenditures. Hodson and Scott briefed Maneval on the status of Town Meeting planning and related milestones, committee and ad hoc committee work, and projects recently settled including the selection Town Counsel Gary Kinyon to replace Silas Little who retired end-November.

Meeting calendar. The Board will meet at 930am on Dec 28, Jan 4, and Feb 25; and at 7pm on Jan 13, 20, 27, and Feb 3, 10, 17. Additional meetings may be scheduled as required.

Town guidelines for road construction and maintenance. The Board briefed Maneval on recent work and outcomes of the Transportation Committee, highlighting its Complete Streets framework, and the MAST Grants secured and applied to developing the Rail Trails, and implementing traffic radars on Main Street and intersection of Rte 137 and Hancock Road to slow down traffic.

Additionally and following the work done to reclaim and compact Mason Road, the Committee was tasked by the Board to review reconstruction plans in light of Complete Streets, and make recommendations about the road width, surface, and road shoulder design accommodates pedestrian, bicyclist, equestrian and vehicle travel. The purpose of the Committee’s check-in was to find whether the Town has a “Road Construction Standards” document and how it is applied to the maintenance of roads.

It was broadly understood that the NH DOT provides recommendations, and that it is up to municipalities whether to adopt them to their local roads. It was unclear whether the Town has a comprehensive design standard.

The Chair will confirm with Road Agent Wes Tarr, whether there is such a reference; Scott will forward any additional materials to the Committee not already collected; and, the Committee will return to the Select Board at a future meeting.

2021 Facilities maintenance. Cady presented an update, including the observation that were the Town to stage another event at the Highway Garage, it should consider Portable Bathrooms to add capacity; painting the Library Steeple is delayed to Spring; and Drew Tarr has upgraded the wiring for the Furnace and Sump Pump at Town Hall.

ARPA funds. The Town is receiving ~$127,000 in Coronavirus State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds (ARPA) to meet pandemic response needs and rebuild a stronger and more equitable economy. Finance Coordinator Amy Roberts presented the ad hoc ARPA Committee’s survey of potential projects that meet ARPA eligibility criteria, noting that criteria may broaden with additional Infrastructure funding. The Board reviewed the list and tasked the team to further scope the cost to create an inventory of roadway culverts and identify and estimate the cost of select culverts to be replaced per the Road Agent’s recommendation. And, to scope what it would cost to provide potable water at town buildings.

2021 Police Department spending. The Police Chief requested authorization to purchase a car radio for the police cruiser. The Board denied the request, explaining that it is the Town’s practice to give the Town full visibility to the full cost of purchasing any Town vehicle, which would include the vehicle and accessories such as the radio.

Recycle Center Holiday hours for the week of 20-26 December are posted at the website, at the post office, at the recycling center (last week).

Pay Warrant, the Board approved the pay warrant, totaling $158,325, noting that Maneval should complete the check-signing signature card for Mascoma files.

Correspondence and Other Business. The Board agreed that pending confirmation from him, Maneval should fill liaise roles to the ZBA, Fire Department, and County Ambulance Service. Scott will fill the liaise role to the ad hoc Recycle Center Committee.

The meeting adjourned at 12:30pm.