Meeting Minutes of the Select Board

 Location:  Town offices Date:  November 23, 2021
 Opened:    9:00 am Adjourned: 12:55 pm

Select Board Members: Andrea Hodson, Kathy Scott­­­­­ ____________________­­­­­­­

Attendees: Police Chief Mike Tollett, EMD Jeff Cady, Earl Horn, Barbara Watkins, Mary Day Mordecai, Seth Kallman, Charles Michal, Don Scott, Ned Hulbert, Finance Coordinator Amy Roberts

Board Chair Andrea Hodson led off with the invitation to all attending to share thoughts about Jay Jacobs, the town’s 21-year Select Board member who passed away suddenly on November 18. The group shared numerous antidotes and remarks in praise of Mr. Jacobs’s remarkable contributions as a colleague and friend over his several decades of service.

The meeting then opened for regular business at 9:40 am.

Agenda, Minutes – The board approved the agenda and the minutes of the previous meeting.

Interim Board Org
– The Chair referred to RSAs 669:61 and 63 regarding the board’s authorization and obligation to appoint an interim member until Town Meeting, when an election for two Select Board seats will be held. Earl Horn submitted two models for the board to consider for identifying candidates. The goal is to help support the board through Town Meeting when the election process determines the new members, one for a one-year term and one for a three-year term.  The board then discussed a process for interested candidates to submit a letter of interest and brief summary of their experience. They are looking at Dec 9th  as a deadline for submissions. A column with more detail will appear in the upcoming issue of Common Threads.

The board heard from Seth Kallman and Charles Michal, who shared their ideas for town buildings and infrastructure projects, and who emphasized the importance of quickly leveraging infrastructure funding as soon as it’s available. They expressed their willingness to support the board and offer their experience as former members, at least on an interim basis.

Trails Committee – Barbara Watkins reported that the town rail trail is wet in sections, and that last year’s work helped but sections still need to be treated. Committee members and the board considered the best way to get the needed material to the center area to rebuild portions of the trail and improve drainage. The need is for a small tractor and equipment. The committee will work on finding someone and will speak to Mike Davidson who had offered to help, but they reiterated their request to the town for gravel which they can spread.

Separately, the committee also reported the following: Blue trail blazes will go up on the Zopher Willard trails off Hancock Road; conversation has started about use of e-bikes on the Eastview Trail. The committee will continue to observe trail use, noting its first responsibility is to landowners; and plans are in place to secure the Skatutakee Trail bridge for winter and then replace it next spring. The Trails Committee, a volunteer group, will next meet Sunday December 5th.

Old Highway Garage – The board and Jeff Cady reviewed the options and consequences of heating or not heating the highway garage and the need to insulate the water tank which serves the police department. Until the board decides on a longer term plan for the building, the consensus was to continue to heat it at a low temperature and to box in the water tank. The board agreed and will look to make a decision on a long-term plan for it as soon as possible.

Other business
At 11:05 am, per RSA 91-A3II, the board moved and voted in favor to enter non-public session for a discussion with a taxpayer. Following the conversation, the board noted it would work with the Tax Collector to draft a document for review by the property owner. At 11:15 am, the board moved and voted in favor to exit non-public session.

Town counsel. The board met with prospective town counsel to discuss the town’s needs and the candidate’s experience with municipal law. Following additional discussion Kathy Scott moved to name Gary Kinyon of Bradley & Faulkner as Town Cancel effective December 1st. Andrea Hodson seconded. All voted in favor.

-The SB noted it will sign the previously reviewed Quitclaim Deed for the portion of the Skatutakee Road Right of Way crossing the property of Pamela Worden. The board recognized the town’s obligation to use the funds associated with the Indemnity Agreement in accordance with, and established by, the terms of this agreement, signed by both parties.

The SB rescheduled the Public Hearing on Blood Hill Road to Thursday, December 9, at 7:00 pm to allow adequate time for re-noticing.

Community Power – Electric Aggregation Committee members Katie Hamon and John Knight are exploring estimates and options for updating the town office solar array and adding a new array on other town property.

Budget -The board will continue discussion of potential warrant articles along with budget preparation in the coming weeks. Items for warrant articles from the SB may include a highway department vehicle, the Mason Road paving project, and culvert repair/replacement. Finance Coordinator Amy Roberts is submitting year to date budgets to the Department Heads and requesting proposed 2022 budgets.

The meeting adjourned at 12:55 pm.