November 2, 2021 at 7:00 pm

Public Hearing @ The Granite Mill on New Historic District Regulations

 Zoom linkHDC Public Hearing via Zoom   Meeting ID: 874 2216 2287

Meeting Agenda

  • Identify voting members of the commission
  • Approve meeting agenda
  • Meeting minutes from 28 September 2021 : Motion to amend and/or approve
  • Review status of Harrisville Community Church application HDC 2021-4
  • Brief Intro to work done by the sub-committees for updating the 1969 Rules of Procedure & Regulations
  • Present a general overview of the Final Draft of HDC Regulations with an invitation for public comment & questions.
  • Close the hearing to the public and amend and/or approve the Draft Regulations as written (NOTE: There will be no public vote in this process)
  • New Business