Meeting Minutes of the Select Board

 Location:  Town offices Date:  September 30, 202I  
 Opened:    7:00 pm Adjourned:  9:00 pm  

Select Board Members:  Andrea Hodson, Jay Jacobs, Kathy Scott­­________________ __

Attendees: Emergency Management Director Jeff Cady, Road Agent Wes Tarr, Highway Department Member Garry Lafond, Pamela Thayer, Peter Thayer, Barbara Watkins, George Colony and Julia Pakradooni

Agenda and minutes – The SB approved the minutes of September 24 with an edit to the EAC update.

Highway Department – The Select Board welcomed Garry Lafond, new member of the Highway Department. They also discussed quotes for road salt with input from the Road Agent on varying quality and cost. Subsequently, based on the input on product quality from the Road Agent, the Board unanimously approved the salt quote from Cargill for $73 per ton.

Blood Hill inquiry – Blood Hill Road residents Pam and Pete Thayer questioned the placement of a row of large rocks within the Right of Way on Blood Hill Road and provided photos to the board. The board and the Thayers discussed ownership of this strip of land based on property owner deeds, confirming that ownership is stone wall to stone wall and that the area where the rocks were placed is in the town-owned Right of Way, which extends from the road bed to the stone walls. The board noted the action goes against the recent discussions with all Blood Hill Road abutters, and the process put in place by the Select Board, based on the RSAs, requiring permission from the board for any work done on a Class VI Road.  Discussion included concern that the large rocks impedes the ability of cars to pull over and let others pass and also impedes winter road maintenance. Jay Jacobs subsequently moved for the board to contact the abutter in question to discuss and request removal of the rocks from the Right of Way.  All voted in favor.

Separately, Ms. Thayer asked the status of the board’s intention to contact other Class VI Road abutters about the new process for obtaining permission for road maintenance. Andrea Hodson noted it’s on the SB’s ‘to do’ list.

Public Water Access Advisory Board – The SB followed up on the recent visit by state Public Waters officials to the Silver Lake and Skatutakee Lake boat ramps. Kathy Scott updated colleagues on who had attended the meeting from various agencies and from the town and citizens advisory committee. State officials noted at the meeting that they do not want the public to trespass on the intake culvert and recommended signage accordingly. They also prohibit anyone from the holding pool and immediate area of the dam.

Additionally, state officials noted that any change to terrain on the lakeside (for example to regrade for purposes of parking) would require a Shoreland Permit and DOT permission via petition would be required to alter parking. The state believes this would be expensive. Thomas Quarles, a Public Waters official, acknowledged that Silver Lake is one of the state’s most complex sites given all the agencies involved and, on a previous visit, had noted how developed the site was. The state raised the possibility of a swim line on the eastern side of the boat ramp. This process would be done through Marine Patrol.

The Advisory Committee is compiling parking census data and will get back to the SB as soon as it’s ready. The SB is glad to hear that the committee has received feedback from the state.

Old Fire Station – Scraping and painting underway on this currently vacant site at the Harrisville Pond boat ramp. No lead was found during testing of the exterior. Mr. Cady will have the interior tested for mold and will recommend course of action. The SB also discussed the potential process for renting this structure or subsequently other town property. Discussion will continue.

Recycle Center – Jeff Cady will kick off the RC Committee and consider observations of the Conservation Commission volunteers. Mr. Cady also is working with Road Agent on repairs and surface patchwork at Recycle Center.

Library steeple – Mr. Cady received responses from three painting companies and quotes ranging from $3,500 – $7,500.  The SB will review the budget to ensure funds are available and if this can be done this fall or will have to wait until spring.

Historic District Commission – Kathy Scott noted the HDC is considering CLG (Certified Local Government) status through the NH Preservation Alliance. This would give the town access to a historic database and to potential grants to repair historic town owned structures.

Town Clerk – The SB signed pole license for Eversource for Hancock Road location; the SB signed the Election Warrant for the October 26 Special Election for the State House District 9 seat.

Russell Reservoir – The SB discussed the request from the Friends of Russell Reservoir regarding drawdown of water this fall. The SB will talk to the Road Agent who traditionally takes care of the drawdown. If Mr. Tarr has any concerns, he will let the board and residents know.

Employee Manual – The SB continues its review in order to update the document.

Electric Aggregation – The EA Committee is working on its recommendation to the SB for a broker/vendor and is investigating more options for renewable energy sources. Official incorporation of the Community Power Coalition of New Hampshire (CPCNH) is October Ist.