What’s New . . . September 2021

HPA debuted our logo pictured here on our new beach banner, with a twin at the boat landing.

Approximately twenty-five community members braved a chilly, breezy morning for HPA’s annual meeting, Saturday, July 30th on Sunset Beach.   The 2020 Lake Host program was phenomenally busy with 300 or so boats recorded by our hosts.  Due to the pandemic we had only one water test, with good results from the visit by the State biologist.  This summer (2021) has been quiet by comparison, with a likely census of boats (mostly kayaks) in the 100’s.  A biologist with the Volunteer Lake Association Program (VLAP) met with our volunteers to demonstrate and instruct the water testing protocols. In July, our team repeated the tests in August.  You can find results for Harrisville Pond at  https://www.des.nh.gov/water/rivers-and-lakes

Of our 90 pond neighbors, 37 contributed to the HPA and two associate members from the wider community also donated.  Please consider helping us continue to fund our water quality initiatives with a donation.  Treasurer, HPA, PO Box 27, Harrisville, NH 03450.  Our dues are $20 for members and associate members and we also accept contributions.  (We just learned that the banner pictured above has been taken. If you have it or know where it is, please return it to the police dept. or the town office, no questions asked.)