Select Board Meeting

September 7, 2021 (4:30-5:30pm) at Town Hall

Select Board Members: Andrea Hodson, Chair, and Kathy Scott (Jay Jacobs, absent)

Other: Police Chief Mike Tollett

Skatutakee Road, Worden property. The Board reviewed inputs from and accepted documents prepared by the Town’s attorney, and will confirm particulars about property description references and indemnity agreement. Scott motioned to accept the documents pending the clarifications, seconded by Hodson. The Board voted to sign the final documents when they are returned by the Town’s attorney.

Pay and payroll warrants. The Board signed the pay warrant totaling $7,581.81, and payroll warrant, $25,319.44.

Complete Streets projects. On the recommendations of the Police Chief and the Transportation Committee, the Board reviewed and signed an endorsement letter to support the team’s plan to apply for Monadnock Region Complete Streets Implementation Grant 2021 to fund traffic control within the school zone. Motion to accept by Scott, seconded by Hodson, and voted in the affirmative.

Highway road crew staffing. The Board reviewed applications and will follow up with the Road Agent.

Groundskeeping and snow removal at Town buildings. The Board requested proposals from two more Harrisville landscape businesses.

Fuel contracts. The Board signed off on the Swanzey proposal to supply the Town with Heating at 2.30, Mixed Fuel at 2.45, Diesel at Rack + .275. No decision on Propane.

Old Fire Station at Harrisville Pond Boat Ramp. The Board approved Nancy Lee Greiner’s offer to paint the Station, pending testing for lead. If there is lead in the paint that needs to be scraped away, a different course of action will be required.