Harrisville Conservation Commission
Tuesday, August 10, 2021 (in place of Wednesday, August 4)
Town offices and via zoom

For remote accessZoom in to HCC
Meeting ID
: 813 7914 8546
Passcode: 000271


1.  Agenda & Minutes – Review / approve (June & July)
2.  Wetlands & Shorelands
*   148 Silver Rd – ZBA approved (knockdown & replace)
*   71 Eastside Road – DES Dock Violation
*   Runoff reported below Logging just west of cemetery on road to Roxbury
3.  Expense Approvals

*   Spring VLAP Samples for Child’s Bog (approve invoice for sampling)
*   Replace traffic cone borrowed from Harris Center (per Andrea Polizos request)
*   Wastewater runoff testing

1.  Recycling Center Ambassador Progarm
*   Reports from July meeting assignments
i.      Earl Horn – examples of helpful visuals and handouts from other towns

ii.      Kathy Scott – specific recycling material requirements

iii.      Don Scott – “Recycling Dos and Don’ts”, info for Recycling Volunteers

iv.      Winston Sims – visuals of what happens with clean goods/usable recyclables

*   Preparation & Planning

i.      Displays for Recycling Center: What’s Recyclable

ii.      Handouts / Article contents: What’s Recyclable

iii.      Sign: Answers to Your Questions About Recycling

iv.      How to recycle / dispose of other materials (fluorescent bulbs, motor oil plastic, shopping bags

v.      How to assess the waste stream for contamination (who should be evaluating waste materials)

vi.      Ambassador Aprons to heighten awareness

*   Scheduling

i.      Training Session for Recycling Ambassadors – who will conduct?

ii.      Material production

iii.      Which weekends to cover

iv.      Schedule shifts for Ambassadors

*   Busiest: Friday 10-2, Sat 9:30-2
*   On & Off: Fri / Sat 2-3
*   Slow/dead after 3:00
*   Opportunities:

i.      Encourage pre-sorting recyclables at home

ii.      Barrel on platform for rejects. Need more pictures – a kiosk? Find Posters

iii.      Improved traffic flow to speed up visits without blockage

iv.      If we all do this right the Town will save money, and taxes for recycling will be lower

1.  SCC Conservation Moose Plate 2022 Grant Opportunities
*   Applications due 9/10
*   See info at https://www.agriculture.nh.gov/divisions/scc/grant-program.htm

1.  Reports on actions of other town committees and environmental groups (5-10 minutes)
*   Selectboard
*   Planning Board
*   Zoning Board of Adjustment
*   Historic District Commission
*   Trails
*   Historic Harrisville
*   Community Power

1.  Other business