Meeting Minutes of the Select Board

 Location:  Town offices Date:  July 8, 2021
 Opened:    7:00 pm Adjourned: 8:15 pm

Select Board Members: Andrea Hodson, Jay Jacobs, Kathy Scott____________________

Attendees: Akhil Garland, Ranae O’Neil, David O’Neil, Pam Thayer, Pete Thayer, Beate Becker, Ryan Stone, Scott Stone, Roger Trabucco

Class VI Road Maintenance, Blood Hill Road
The board discussed with Akhil Garland and Blood Hill Road abutters the process and permissions required for road maintenance. Andrea Hodson distributed documents to attendees (attached to minutes) outlining the definition of class VI roads, the relevant state statutes regarding maintenance and repairs, and a sample stipulation and release related to issuance of a building permit on a Class VI roads. Ms. Hodson confirmed that, with permission from the Select Board, private parties may maintain Class VI roads. The town has no duty to maintain them, though they are public ways, and may only spend money to maintain them under the emergency lane statute.

RSA Chapter 236:9 prohibits anyone from excavating or disturbing the ditches, embankments or traveled surface of any town road, including a Class VI road, without the written permission of the Select Board or Road Agent. In addition, the town, under RSA 236:10 may regulate such private road work and may require a bond for satisfactory restoration of the road.

Akhil Garland then submitted a letter (attached) to the SB requesting written permission, as soon as possible, to maintain and improve Blood Hill, Cobb Hill and all Class VI roads running adjacent to, or through, parcels he and his wife own.

Mr. Garland, his neighbors and the SB then discussed the particular locations and stretches of roads being discussed, including Blood Hill/Cobb Hill Roads from Prospect Street to the Nelson town line, Bancroft Road, Clymers Drive and Rocky Ridge, as well as clarified certain road maintenance terms and techniques, and discussed the effect of culvert work on abutting properties.  Abutters hope the board will be specific in the maintenance terms, while Mr. Garland requested the permission be more general given the difficulty that weather conditions present and given the varied grades and widths of road in different places. He also noted he is not offering to assume any obligation for road maintenance, nor assume any liability, and welcomes any other interest by neighbors to take on the upkeep. Following additional discussion, the board noted it would draft its response to Mr. Garland and consult with the Road Agent about culvert installation or replacement.

All agreed as to the helpfulness of clarifying the statutes and the terms of permission, and expressed thanks to Mr. Garland for all the road maintenance he has undertaken over the years to keep the road in good condition.

In light of the unusual rainfall amounts and damage to the roads, Mr. Garland requested immediate permission to grade Blood Hill and Cobb Hill, until the board’s more formal response is drafted. The SB agreed to grant permission for this immediate maintenance work to rebuild damaged portions of Blood Hill and Cobb Hill Road.

Roger Trabucco, 404 Chesham Road
Following discussion of Mr. Trabucco’s plans for use of the RV parked on his property, the SB moved to grant permit for 90 days to park and occupy RV with renewal required after 90 days.Kathy Scott seconded. All voted in favor.

Document review
-The SB noted the Primex distribution of just over $4,000 for policyholder rebate. Andrea Hodson will find out how the town can take the distribution.

-The SB signed the Trustees of the Trust Funds Authorization to transfer money into the Capital Reserve Funds per Warrant Article 4, passed at the May 22 Town Meeting.

-The SB signed the meeting minutes of July 1, 2021.

-Kathy Scott signed the annual DES Solid Waste Facility Report for 2020

Kathy Scott will connect with the Road Agent regarding the next steps for the gravel pit.

Attachments:  Att 2 to SB Minutes of 7-8-2021     Att to Select Board Minutes of 7-8-2021