Harrisville Conservation Commission
Wednesday, July 6, 2021
7:00 PM, Town Hall & Zoom Online Meeting

To join via Zoom, click here: Zoom link to HCC

(passcode: 000271)

Agenda & Minutes – Review / approve
Recycling Center Ambassador – time to set up calendar and get started!
Continued planning session topics (with notes from 5/5)
i.      Concerns & opportunities:

what can / can’t be recycled
put caps on #1 or #2 plastic (?)
where to recycle odd things – tips; eg – fluorescent bulbs?
where to put motor oil plastic (can’t accept it) / shopping bags
How to remove contamination
Dump Picking Table – organize and facilitate
ii.      Staffing:

Looking for Recycling Ambassadors – Con Com organizes/recruits
Frequency – 1x/month? TBD;
Duration: Not a permanent task – training residents to recycle better
DES certifies rules: assist employee by the job
Two people at a time – pref. M & F – get more accomplished
iii.      Hours:

Busiest: Friday 10-2, Sat 9:30-2
On & Off: Fri & Sat 2-3
Slow/dead after 3:00
iv.      Opportunities:

Encourage pre-sorting recyclables at home
Barrel on platform for rejects. Need more pictures – a kiosk? Find Posters
What is Yes / what is NO – laminated poster with pictures
Oils / contaminated materials: “If you put one dirty can or bottle in this bin the entire load may be rejected and landfilled at our cost”
If we all do this right the Town will save money, and taxes for recycling will be lower
We’re first in region to have recycling.
Sign: Answers to Your Questions About Recycling
Ambassador Aprons – heightens awareness
Recycling Communications
i.      Threads article – who will write?

ii.      Handout materials – concise do’s and don’ts

iii.      Signs or other needs

Reports on actions of other town committees and environmental groups (5-10 minutes)
Planning Board
Zoning Board of Adjustment
Historic District Commission
Historic Harrisville
Community Power
Other business
New projects | ideas for Fall 2021 and beyond