Meeting Minutes of the Select Board

 Location:  Town offices Date:  May 28, 2021
 Opened:    9:00 am Adjourned: 12:00 pm

Select Board Members:  Jay Jacobs, Kathy Scott, Andrea Hodson ___________________

Attendees: Lance Levesque, Mike Tollett, Barbara Watkins, Gus Lerandeau, Ned Hulbert, Earl Horn, Mary Day Mordecai, Cathy Lovas

Agenda– The SB approved the evening’s agenda.

Wilderness Trail– The town met with Lance Levesque to confirm the purchase price of $3,600.00 for Map 20 – Lot 83. As a condition of Warrant Article #10 passed at the 2006 Town Meeting, Mr. Levesque must voluntarily merge this lot with his adjoining parcels, with no further subdivision. Mr. Levesque will proceed to the Planning Board following deed transfer.

Assessing– The board reviewed the sales ratio numbers submitted by the Assessor. The Assessor noted the DRA may require a revaluation one year ahead of the scheduled 2023 reassessment, given the increased differentials throughout the state in sales prices to assessed values. The values affect the tax base and tax rate.

Transportation Committee– Mary Day Mordecai and Ned Hulbert reported that the committee will coordinate with the town road crew and police on the installation of the speed radar signs, and with Doug Walker on the timing of the solar-powered sign. Anticipated timing is early August; The Building Inspector will need to sign off on the electrical connection to be done by Tattersall; SWRPC will do a speed count prior to installation. The Transportation Committee will collect data from the signs and coordinate analysis with the PD.

Secondly, the committee followed up on the roadwork scheduled for summer and the request to have as much shoulder as possible. Discussion ensued regarding what is an appropriate shoulder, and how best to accommodate bikers, walkers and other users. The group also debated if and how road width affects traffic calming. The Transportation Committee and SB will look at the roads with the Road Agent, conduct site visits and continue the conversation over the summer. The SB asked the committee to come back to board with the width the committee would like to see. Board and Highway Department planned on grinding/reclaiming Mason Road and returning it to its current width. Gus Lerandeau will work with Wes Tarr to finalize the schedule as approved at town meeting.  He suggested looking at widths of other town roads for comparison purposes.

Town Meeting follow up– An estimated 120 registered voters attended. All warrant articles passed. Board discussed asking Moderator, even if a vote is overwhelming, to give nay votes the opportunity to declare their positions.

a) Regarding Community Power, Andrea Hodson restated the committee’s recommendation that the town join CNHCP, the Community Power coalition, allowing the town at no cost to access their technical expertise along with other municipalities. Following discussion, Kathy Scott moved to join the Community Power Coalition of NH, as recommended by the Electric Aggregation Committee. Jay Jacobs seconded. All voted in favor.  Andrea Hodson will sign the Joint Powers Agreement when the document is ready.

Following up on Warrant Article #8, the next step is to notify the PUC of the town’s approval of the Community Power plan, after which an RFP for a supplier will be drafted. Andrea Hodson will finalize the letter to the PUC for the SB’s signature.

b) Operating budget– The board discussed pay raises for town employees based on COLA, retroactive to April 1st, and approved 1.8% for employees hired prior to January 2021, based on the social security cost of living benchmark.

Police Department– The Police Chief reported the resignation of the PD’s part-time administrative assistant, who is retiring in June after 16 years with the department. The chief will work with the SB to backfill the position.

Thank you to the Highway Department– The Board and Trails Committee expressed sincere thanks to Wes Tarr and Brian Tarr for repairing the Brown Road parking area of the Rail Trail.

Town Clerk– The SB moved to accept the proposed honorarium for Dwain Hammett for assistance with the audio system at Town Meeting. Sincere thanks to Mr. Hammett. Also, the SB signed the Oaths of Officefor board and committee members whose terms had expired. The Town Clerk will swear in the appointees.

Other business
Memorial Day Celebration– The SB will install the flags for Sunday’s 11:00 AM ceremony.

Finance Coordinator– The board agreed that the finance coordinator will continue working remotely, coordinating with the SB office staff.

-SB signed pay warrantsin the amount of $1,047.25 and $24,123.98 and the Intent to Cutfor Map 50 – Lot 9.

-SB signed previously approved appointment letters/pay for part-time police officers.

-SB acknowledged receipt of update from the Cemetery Trustees.

-The SB confirmed the list of Primexproperty/liability exposures for the coming year.
– Blood Hill– Andrea Hodson is finalizing paperwork for discussion with town counsel.

Non-public– At 11:15 am, per RSA 91-A:3II, the SB moved and voted unanimously in favor to go into non-public session to discuss personnel matters. At 11:25 the board exited executive session.

SB schedule– The board will meet June 3, 10, 17, 25. At the June 3 meeting, the board will clarify whether or not the Stoney Beach Advisory Group is a SB-appointed or self-established committee and what goes along with this. Will invite citizens committee to attend to discuss.