Harrisville Planning Board
Wednesday, March 10, 2021
Meeting Minutes

     The Harrisville Planning Board held a regularly scheduled meeting at the town offices, 705 Chesham Road, on Wednesday, March 10, 2021.

Members: Ryan Stone, Lisa Anderson, Andrea Hodson, Courtney Cox, Ned Hulbert, Pete Thayer, Kate Neary
Members absent: Jon Miner, Noel Greiner
Members of the public: Dennis McKenney, Land Surveyor representing the Snyders

Voting members
Ryan Stone stated that the voting members for the evening were himself, Lisa Anderson, Ned Hulbert, Courtney Cox and Andrea Hodson.

Members moved and voted unanimously in favor to approve the agenda.

Minutes of previous meeting 2/10/2021
     Members moved and voted unanimously in favor to approve the meeting minutes of 2/10. Mr. Hulbert abstained due to absence.

Public Hearing for Snyder Lot Line Adjustment
     Lisa Anderson reviewed the applicable statutes related to PB oversight of lot line adjustments, the documents required of applicants.  Dennis McKenney, surveyor representing the Snyders, then described the existing lot boundaries and proposed adjustment to add “Area A”, as depicted on the submitted plat, currently part of Map 70 – Lot 15, to Map 70 – Lot 16. Mr. Snyder explained the “Before and After” acreage, shown in the legend on the plat, should the adjustment be approved.  Map 70 – lot 15 would be reduced in size from 5.84 acres to 5.17 acres. Map 70 – Lot 16 would increase from 5.71 acres to 6.38 acres. Mr. McKenney believes both lots, following the adjustment, would remain in conformance with the town’s zoning ordinances.
Members and Mr. Snyder reviewed the existing locations of the septic leach field and the well, to ensure neither would be affected. The board found no cause for concern. A question was raised about the existing location of the barn and whether it would be closer than 40’ to the new boundary line. If within 40’, this would require a special exception from the zoning board.
Mr. McKenney, upon review, stated he believes it is barely within this setback, possibly a couple of feet, and will talk to the property owner. He believes it makes the most sense to adjust the proposed property line so that the adjustment meets ordinance setback requirements. A new plat will be submitted reflecting this adjustment, and also more clearly depicting the locations of the septic and well.  Mr. McKenney also will add the setback distance to the subject shed. No other issues were raised by the board. Ryan Stone then read aloud two letters of support from abutters, David Kennard and John Macdonald Snyder. With no other questions from the board, Mr. McKenney reaffirmed he would submit a revised plat and departed from the meeting.
The board subsequently discussed how best to proceed and whether or not a conditional approval could be granted. Following discussion, members agreed to continue the matter to the April meeting to review the resubmitted plat and render a decision.

Town Election Results
Board members reviewed and discussed the results of town elections. The Co-Chair noted that all the proposed zoning amendments passed easily.
On a separate matter, Ryan Stone requested that the Planning Board, at its next meeting, consider ways to establish a better line of communication with the school district. Many residents were not aware when the School Board Elections/Annual Meeting, typically the same day as Town Elections, was scheduled and found out after the fact.

Electric Aggregation Committee/Community Power
Andrea Hodson updated the board that HB 315, the bill drafted and presented by Eversource to the Science, Technology and Energy Committee in the NH house, would have torpedoed municipalities’ authority to create and, if adopted by voters, implement a Community Power plan. She noted that the bill currently is stalled, so the Harrisville Warrant Article on Community Power can still go forward at this time.  She then touched on the survey feedback, noting results will be posted on the Community Power page of the town website.

Tiny Houses – see link
The Co-Chairs raised the matter of Tiny Houses, noting the request by the Building Inspector for the Planning Board to draft ordinance language related to these structures. As no specific language on Tiny Houses exists, they currently are treated within the context of Accessory Dwelling Units. Members referred to a NH Biz Review article, shared by Anne Howe, that the discussion is occurring elsewhere as many towns do not have tiny house ordinances in place.  A current NH House Bill, HB 588, proposes a definition, establishes municipal authority to regulate and proposes building code regulations. The board will continue this discussion at a later date.

Status of plats
Miner Subdivision of 2011-2012 – The board reviewed the matter of the missing plat page at the Registry of Deeds, which recently was obtained from the property owners. Courtney Cox thoroughly reviewed the file and meeting minutes, as well as the submitted plat. Establishing that all was in order other than the missing signature of one of the co-chairs at the time the application was approved, Ms. Cox recommended a signature by the current board and submission to the Registry of Deeds. All agreed. As requested by the Registry Staff, the submission of the missing page will refer to the plat already on record.

Cucchi Subdivision of 2018– Peter Thayer confirmed that the official plat was submitted in June of 2020, and that the required fees have been paid. He will handle the recording of it at The Registry of Deeds.

Education opportunities
     Lisa Anderson shared the following workshop/educational webinars:
Webinar: PLAN NH: Lessons Learned in Outdoor Dining 3/23/21 at 9am $15
Webinar “Working of a Planning Board” 3/23/21 at noon-2pm
Webinar: NHMA: Local Officials Workshops 4/6/21, 5/18/21 at 9am – 4pm Free (5/Town)
Webinar “ZBA Basics” 4/13/21 at noon-2pm
Webinar: NHMA: Right-to-Know Law and Public Meetings and Governmental Records
Virtual Workshop 4/15/21 1:30-3:30pm $40

The Co-Chairs urged members to attend as possible. Ms. Anderson particularly recommended the NHMA all-day seminar for local officials. Anybody interested will let Mary Ann know.

New business
     Don Scott shared with the board that a wildflower garden will be planted in memory of Bob Sturgis, former Planning Board Co-Chair. A garden was planned for this area, on the triangle at the intersection of Brown and Chesham Roads, many years ago. Esther Solondz will oversee the project and work with the Select Board and Russell Reservoir volunteers to implement.

The meeting adjourned at 8:40 pm.