Harrisville Conservation Commission
Wednesday, March 3, 2021
Meeting Minutes

The Harrisville Conservation held a regularly scheduled meeting on Wednesday, March 3, 2021 at town offices and via zoom.

Members present: Harry Wolhandler, Les LaMois, Earl Horn, Andrea     Polizos, Don Scott
Members absent: Diana Shonk
Members of the public: Jim Phippard, Eduardo Moura, Dan Scully, Winston Sims

Shoreland Application, Edourdo Moura and Sharman Howe, 60 Westside Road
The board heard from Jim Phippard, representing property owners of 60 Westside Road. Mr. Phippard is a consultant on the Moura’s proposed property improvement plans, submitted to the Conservation Commission, to NH DES as part of a Shoreland Permit application, and reviewed by the Harrisville Select Board and ZBA.  Mr. Phippard shared a graphic of the existing plan of existing conditions, including photos of the property and surrounding area, and he responded to questions from commission members.

Mr. Phippard explained that the original plan for a new driveway and new boathouse/garage remains in place. The owners propose to remove the existing septic and build a new system but found that the originally proposed location is not feasible. They have identified a location further up the hill. Revised plans for all proposed improvements have been submitted to DES for review. The plans confirm that the system will be more than 150’ from lake. When asked about the timing of start of week, Mr. Phippard replied he expects a construction permit within the next few weeks, which will allow continued processing of the Shoreland Permit. He also noted that forested areas will remain undisturbed with more than sufficient natural vegetation.

Addressing stormwater drainage, Mr. Phippard described the infiltration system that is proposed to be moved to the west side of the property, away from the septic. A new berm will catch any sediment prior to entering a second catch basin and large infiltration bed. In effect, there will be two treatment systems in place to manage stormwater runoff, prior to the entrance of water into the lake.  Also as part of the plans, the existing house will be rebuilt on the same footprint; these plans were reviewed and approved by the ZBA.

Mr. Phippard further described the driveway area, turf-block walkway and pervious pavers, leading to the existing boat slip and lake (The property owners are separately applying to DES for a Wetland Permit for this).  Mr. Phippard informed the HCC he has met with the Road Agent and Select Board regarding the proposal for drainage improvements.

A hard copy of the plans is available at town offices for review.  Approval is required by the Select Board for a force main under Westside Road to the septic leach field on the south side of road, uphill from house. A new well will be installed between patio and beach, meeting required setbacks and separation. Don Scott recommended using plastic turf rings instead of concrete blocks since the concrete can get too hot and dry up the turf. The applicants thanked Mr. Scott for this input.  Mr. Phippard further described how turf blocks and level spreaders work to enhance filtration. Turf blocks do require periodic cleaning to minimize vegetation. Also described permeable pavers. He noted the road is well-maintained but generates sediment with heavy rains. Most of runoff is from the road. Additional runoff comes from adjacent conservation land, which will be managed with planned filtration system. The dock is already permitted.

When complimented by the HCC on their attention to detail, the property owners noted their concerns at pre-existing drainage issues and their desire to be good stewards of waterfront property and to ensure care of the lake. Though a year-round home, the mostly plan to live in it seasonally with family overflow in the off-season. They hope to be under construction in the spring.

Shoreland Permit, Chabott property, 295 Seaver Road
Don Scott informed the board that DES has approved the Shoreland Permit for the wall rebuild along Seaver Lake. This application was reviewed by the Conservation Commission in 2020.

Correspondence from Fish & Game
A letter was sent to Conservation Commission and Trails Committee regarding work of Fish & Game to promote use of trails around state. The state also offers a Trail Construction Manual on their website, which Don Scott noted will be helpful to the Trails Committee.

Trails Committee
Earl Horn updated the group that all information for the trails map went to SWRPC. A first draft was received today. Mr. Horn will share the draft with the mapping group and submit feedback to SWRPC for revisions. He hopes to have a copy printed in the Spring issue of Common Threads. The map will include the Monadnock Sunapee Greenway, Harris Center property on east end of town, the west end of the Cobb Hill trail (under 2 miles), the Aldworth Manor Trail, plus the Railroad Bed trails.  Some signage for parking will be installed following securing permission from the Select Board.

Salamander Brigade
A notice of the program is posted on the town website. Andrea Polizos is leading outreach.

Roadside Cleanup
The annual clean-up is scheduled for Saturday, April 24. The Chair will coordinate logistics.

Board/Committee Updates
Select Board– Kathy Scott noted the SB is interested in HCC input on developing a long term plan for the Recycling Center, including the possibility of re-opening the swap table. Volunteers would be coordinated by RC manager depending on the task. The SB would like to establish a committee to consider the RC layout, the traffic pattern, and ways to maximize the use of buildings. Please express interest to SB if you would like to be involved.

Planning Board– Don Scott encouraged the idea of posting the Wetlands graphic in voting booth to clarify proposed zoning amendments for voters. The Chair will see to the printing.

Historic Harrisville– Les LaMois reported that Harrisville Designs is relocating the spinning mill from the Skatutakee Road location to Mill Building #6. A date is not yet determined. Construction is complete in the basement of granite mill and all space is leased. The Mackey House application for rehabilitation to a 2-family dwelling is on the ZBA agenda for March 17 at 7:00 pm.

Historic District Commission– Kathy Scott reported that the HDC is close to completing HDC Regulation redraft. One more subcommittee meeting is scheduled in March.

Zoning Board of Adjustment– Don Scott described a newly submitted proposal to the ZBA by Breed Road property owners to add a garage and retaining wall. This application also will be heard by the ZBA on March 17. Mr. Scott noted the proposal meets the impervious cover requirement. Filing for a Shoreland permit would follow ZBA review.

The meeting adjourned at 8:30 pm.