Notice is hereby given that the Harrisville Planning Board will hold its regular monthly meeting at the town office building located on Chesham Road commencing at 7:00 pm on Wednesday, March 10, 2021. Meetings may be rescheduled by the Board due to weather conditions deemed dangerous to public safety.

Click here for remote access:  Zoom in to PB Meeting

or dial in: 646-558-8656


Attendance, Roles and Voting Members

Approval of Agenda

Minutes of previous meetings: 2/10/21

Public Hearing – Application for Lot-Line Adjustment, Gordon and Virginia Snyder, 18 Blackberry Lane
(Map 70 – Lots 15 and 16)

Planning Board Follow-up to Public Hearing

Town Voting (3/9/21) Update

Electric Aggregation Committee (EAC)/Community Power – Update

Tiny House Topic :

Update: Phil and Kathryn Miner Plat Status

Update: John and Anne Cucchi Plat Status


Webinar: PLAN NH: Lessons Learned in Outdoor Dining 3/23/21 at 9am $15

Webinar “Working of a Planning Board” 3/23/21 at noon-2pm

Webinar: NHMA: Local Officials Workshops 4/6/21, 5/18/21 at 9am – 4pm Free (5/Town)

Webinar “ZBA Basics” 4/13/21 at noon-2pm

Webinar: NHMA: Right-to-Know Law and Public Meetings and Governmental Records

Virtual Workshop 4/15/21 1:30-3:30pm $40

New Business:

The board may enter into non-public session based on RSA 91A:3II (a-l).

Posted by: Lisa Anderson, Co-Chair

Date Posted : March 5, 2021