Meeting Minutes of the Select Board

Location:   Town offices Date: January 12, 2021
Opened:    9:00 am Adjourned: 12:32 pm

Select Board Members: Jay Jacobs, Kathy Scott, Andrea Hodson _____________________________

Moderator and Town Clerk
The Select Board met with Moderator Bryan Kingsbury and Town Clerk Cathy Lovas to discuss plans for 2021 Town Meeting. All agreed the best way to proceed, in light of the ongoing spread of Covid 19, is to hold the Town Election as scheduled on March 9 and to postpone the deliberative session of Town Meeting until a later date, to be determined and possibly until the weather allows for an outdoor gathering. The latest date Town Meeting can be held is September 1.

The location of the March 9 Election has not yet been confirmed, but will be either at Wells Memorial School or the Town Offices. Following discussion as to the space required and potential configurations to allow for safe, legal voting conditions, the board officially moved to hold elections Tuesday, March 9, and to postpone the deliberative session until further notice.

As many issues as possible, including election of offices and proposed zoning amendments, will appear on the official ballot for March 9 voting. The 2021 Warrant will not be deliberated or voted on until Town Meeting is held; however, the official Warrant, along with the proposed 2021 budget, will be posted by the original deadlines required by regulations. The Moderator will work with the Town Clerk to ensure all legal requirements for public noticing deadlines and content are met.

Highway Department
The Road Agent informed the board that he met with representatives of the Transportation Committee on proposed roadwork projects for 2021. Mr. Tarr and the board then discussed a possible Warrant Article for the reclaiming and paving of the section of Mason Road not done last year; that is, the section southeast of the intersection of Willard Hill and Mason Roads, proceeding toward the Dublin town line. The board and Road Agent estimate the same cost as last year’s project as the square footage is the same. One possibility discussed is to split the project, with reclaiming to occur in 2021 and paving in 2022.

The SB also will consider a Warrant Article for paving a section in the village encompassing a portion of Prospect Street, Canal Street and Island Street. Budgeting for these projects, as well as possible stone sealing work on Hancock Road, and hot mix material on Sunset Hill Road, Roxbury Road and Piper Lane, may come out of highway block grant funds and the regular 2021 budget as opposed to appropriations via a Warrant Article.

The Road Agent and SB also discussed staffing and the eventual need for a 3rd member of the crew. The SB will post the available position.

Warrant article for Skatutakee Road Right-of-Way
The board met with Town Counsel to discuss a possible Warrant Article related to Skatutakee Road. The board has been asked by a property owner to release the right of way along their particular parcel. The town attorney shared his thoughts on proposing such an article and, in the ensuing discussion, he raised the possibility of the town’s releasing the right-of-way along the entire length of the road, as opposed to releasing a particular section, while retaining any drainage or easements for existing culverts. Two of the board members were in favor of the idea and will explore it further. It was noted that the property owner could still bring a petitioned article forward until the deadline of February 2, 2021.

Correction to SB Meeting Minutes of 1/5/2021, Finance Section
Andrea Hodson clarified that the reference to encumbrances in the Finance section of the SB Minutes of January 5, 2021 should read as follows: Encumbrances represent goods and services and invoices ordered but not delivered as of 12/31/2020. With this correction, members voted to approve the minutes of January 5.

Budget con’t
The board will ask Mr. Cady to obtain estimates to replace the front window at the Fire Department, to install a wall unit A/C for town offices and to install an electrical hookup at the Highway Barn for a portable generator.

Police Department
The board continued its discussion of PD staffing and transition following Chief Driscoll’s retirement at the end of February.

Non-public session
At 12:23 pm, members moved and voted unanimously in favor to enter non-public session to discuss a personnel matter. Following a brief discussion, at 12:25 pm members moved and voted unanimously in favor to exit non-public session.

* * *