Meeting Minutes of the Select Board

 Location:  Town offices Date:  January 5, 2021
 Opened:    9:00 am Adjourned:  12:50 pm

Select Board Members:  Jay Jacobs, Kathy Scott, Andrea Hodson _________________

Attendees: Lindy Joseph, Hancock resident; Dana Hennessy; Jeff Cady; Russell Driscoll; Wayne Derosia; Wes Tarr

The board reiterated that the amount to be encumbered from the 2020 budget is $64,400, approved at the December 31 meeting. These are expenses that were not incurred in 2020 but for which money is specifically allocated and which get accounted for in 2020 actuals.

Covid vaccine
Jeff Cady noted he would work with the SB office to furnish the list of town employees / essential workers to the state for vaccination.

Town Meeting
The board will discuss with the Town Clerk and Moderator plans for Town Meeting, in light of the ongoing pandemic and the guidelines allowing for alternative formats. Mr. Joseph noted that Hancock has not decided on its plan but may hold two virtual sessions plus in person voting. Other area towns also are considering alternatives.

Police Department
The board met with Chief Driscoll regarding his return from medical leave as well as the proposed 2021 budget for the PD. They also shared with him their plan for naming Dana Hennessy to oversee the department as Interim Chief upon Mr. Driscoll’s retirement. Chief Driscoll noted the 2021 budget line for payroll would be affected by whatever the Select Board decided with Mr. Hennessy in terms of compensation; he also discussed with the board the potential adjustments in the number of hours of coverage, noting concern of a potential shortfall. Chief Driscoll offered to assist with shift coverage and training if needed and as available.

Regarding equipment and building maintenance for the department, Chief Driscoll noted the board will need to think about a new police cruiser for next year, an estimated expense of $36,000 or more. The board noted that the chimney and floors are scheduled for repair.

Document review
The SB signed Meeting Minutes of 12/29 continued to 12/31.

The SB signed the Trustees of the Trust Funds Authorization to Transfer $125 to the Cemetery Maintenance Trust Fund.

The board noted it would like to get the Assessor’s input regarding the possibility of early property revaluation due to higher home sale values in 2020. As of now the revaluation is scheduled for 2023.

Highway Department
The Board discussed with the Road Agent the possible purchase of a screener, and the potential timing for receipt. Following discussion the board determined it will draft an offer letter. They also noted a potential warrant article to rebuild the section of Mason Road southeast of the Willard Hill intersection and a potential warrant article to stone seal Hancock Road to increase duration of the previous rebuild. The Road Agent and board also discussed estimates for additional equipment and vehicle maintenance and will continue to work with the Road Agent to finalize estimated expenses for chip sealing as part of 2021 roadwork. Mr. Tarr foresees needing hot mix for Roxbury Road, Sunset Hill Road, Piper Lane and Tolman Pond Road.

In light of the resignation of longtime employee James Porter, the SB will draft a recognition column for Common Threads and will explore options to fill the Highway crew position.

On the Town Gravel Pit, Mr. Tarr stated he does not plan on any excavation work in 2021, only reclamation. Therefore, an Alteration of Terrain (AOT) permit would not be needed in 2021 but possibly for work in 2022. On bridge repairs, the board informed the Road Agent it will continue to fund the Bridge and Dam Capital Reserves in light of future work on the South Road bridge.

Skatutakee Road Right of Way Warrant Article
Regarding the request by property owners Pamela Worden and Charles Faucher that the town release its claim to the right of way across their property, and the board’s decision in the fall of 2020 to let the townspeople vote on the matter, Jay Jacobs reiterated his position that the warrant article should be submitted by the property owners and not the Select Board. Andrea Hodson and Kathy Scott disagree and will seek input from Town Counsel on the matter.