HCC Meeting Minutes
Monday, January 11, 2021*
Meeting Minutes

* This meeting of the Conservation Commission was rescheduled from the regularly scheduled date, based on the unanimous request of committee members. Members met at town offices and via zoom.

Members present: Harry Wolhandler, Les LaMois, Earl Horn, Andrea Polizos
Members absent: Diana Shonk, Don Scott, Kathy Scott
Members of the public: Winston Sims

Shoreland / Wetland Permit Activity
The Chair reported that no new Shoreland or Wetland Permits have been filed, but that a couple of ongoing projects remain in the course of review by DES.

Minutes of previous meeting 12/2/2020
Les LaMois moved to approve the minutes of the previous meeting. Andrea Polizos seconded. All voted in favor.

Project Schedules, Tasks & Leadership Assignments for 2021

     Rain Garden signage– Harry Wolhandler and Diana Shonk continue their work, with planned installation for spring.

     Salamander brigade– Andrea Polizos anticipates timing of the salamander crossing for late March or April. Supplies needed include signage. Andrea will connect with Brett Thelen of the Harris Center on timing of trainings for volunteers.

     Earth Day Roadside Cleanup– With Earth Day on the calendar for Thursday, April 22, the tentative date for the cleanup is Saturday, April 24. The Chair will oversee this event with support from Les LaMois. Signage and announcements will be needed. The Chair will draft a write-up for Common Threadsthat will include information about the salamander brigade and roadside cleanup, as well as an update from the trails committee.

     Sesquicentennial Celebration at Old Home Days – Members will coordinate for this event and the HCC booth at the end of May.

     Environmental trail markers and signs– Earl Horn will draft a column for the April / May issue of Common Threads. He noted that a committee of five is collaborating and working with SWRPC to create the trail map; they also are continuing discussions with landowners whose property coincides with trails. Trail signs and map production is being funded through the MAST grant, but the grant recipients must educate the public as a requirement of receipt of the grant; this outreach will include a booth at OHD. The HCC will coordinate with Jenny Foreman on this.

     Weed watcher for town ponds and lakes – Members discussed hiring a weed watcher for the summer. Winston Sims recommended keeping an eye out for invasive animal species as well in order to plan for contingencies to supplement Lake Host responsibilities. He will research this. He added to this the problem of wakeboats. The pumps and tanks inhibit draining of boats prior to entering new lakes; the mechanisms facilitate the transfer of invasives. The Chair will contact NH Lakes regarding funding for volunteer efforts, in the same way the Lake Host Program is partially funded, as well as on the issue of wakeboats.

     Trails– As part of educational efforts on trails in town, the HCC will work to identify and describe unique habitats in town; this is separate from mapping work of trails committee; Andrea will reach out to Harris Center contacts about coordinating with the HCC on this project.

Annual Report of the HCC for the Town Report
The Chair will draft the committee’s report.

Board and Committee updates
Selectboard – The SB is working on town meeting format, budget and warrant articles.

Planning Board – The PB holds its regularly scheduled meeting on January 13 to vote on proposed zoning ordinances for ballot.

As there was no other business, members moved to adjourn at 8:00 pm.