Historic District Commission
Tuesday, December 22, 2020
Meeting Minutes

The Historic District Commission held a regularly scheduled meeting on Tuesday, December 22, 2020 at 705 Chesham Road and via zoom.

Members present: Doug Walker, Scott Oliver, Rex Baker, Anne Howe, Kathy Scott, Noel Greiner

Members of the public: Linda MacGillvary, Rick Lewis, Erin Hammerstedt

Doug Walker opened the meeting at 7:02 pm.

Members moved and voted unanimously in favor to approve the agenda and the meeting minutes of November 23, 2020.

Rex Baker then recused himself for continuation of the public hearing on the following:

HDC # 2020-8, Harrisville Children’s Center, 66 Main Street (Map 32 – Lot 19)
Rick Lewis, consultant to the Children’s Center, addressed questions held over from the November meeting. He confirmed details on the proposed expansion of the sandbox structure in the playground area between the center and its Church Street abutter. The proposal involves expanding the existing sandbox 8.8 feet in the direction of Church Street and constructing an impervious cedar roof over the new and existing portions. Once complete, the structure will be 16’ x 8’ with 6’-high posts, and an 8’expansion to the cedar deck to existing sandbox.

Kathy Scott informed the applicants that the building inspector and Zoning Board would need to address two issues: the zoning ordinance limit on impervious cover, which is 30% of the lot, as well as setback requirements of 35’ in the commercial district. The applicant will proceed with a Building Permit application in order to get guidance on next steps in the zoning process.

Erin Hammerstedt, speaking for historic Harrisville as landlord, stated that HHI has no issues with the proposal, especially with the proposed cedar roof. HDC members had no further questions or comments for the applicant, nor did Mr. Baker as abutter. Subsequently, Noel Greiner moved to approve the Children’s Center application as submitted. Kathy Scott seconded. The board voted unanimously in favor. Chairman Doug Walker will issue the Notice of Decision.

Rex Baker rejoined the board for the continued hearing on the following application:

HDC #2020-7 – Erin Hammerstedt, 15 Main Street (Map 61 – Lot 3)
Ms. Hammerstedt submitted additional information, drawings and material samples, to the board and request for approval regarding the roof and dormers, the porch, fenestration and stairs as follows:

Roof and dormers – She and the board confirmed that, at the November meeting, the HDC approved use, on the main house and the east side of the ell, of the EcoStar Mountain Plum synthetic slate as a replacement material in the event true slate was not economically viable. However, her goal continues to be to repair the existing slate using material salvaged from the barn, with new copper flashing. For the barn and west side of the ell, Ms. Hammerstedt proposes to remove the existing slate and tarp roof and replace it with Landmark Series Certainteed “Moire Black” architectural shingles. Photos were exhibited.

Porch – Regarding modification of the second story porch railing to meet building code, a 36” railing height is required; therefore, the applicant proposes a new railing with a bottom rail no more than 4” above the porch deck and a top rail at 34”, with spindles to match the existing in dimension and spacing but longer. To satisfy code with minimal architectural change the applicant proposes installing a thin metal rod at 36” in height on the inside of the porch posts. Members discussed with Ms. Hammerstedt how this would be designed with the soffit returns and they expressed no issues or concerns.

Windows – The applicant reiterated that, by code, she needs to install two egress windows on the second story of the north barn as the existing double-hung windows are too small. The top and bottom height of the window openings will be retained, but the windows will be widened and will be casements rather than double-hung. Also, on the one window on the rear elevation facing the lake, the pane configuration differs from all the others in the building. Thus, Ms. Hammerstedt proposes to replace the one-over-one sash with a wood, true divided lite, six-over-six window. The board noted that, given that these changes are to the rear of the building, which is out of typical public view, it has no concerns. Code Enforcement will address building code requirements.

The west elevation of the barn, the applicant explained, will serve as the kitchen. She proposes to add light and a view by adding a window pair above where the kitchen sink will be, near the existing door. She requests approval as well for an additional window closer to the north corner of the west elevation. As proposed at the last meeting, Ms. Hammerstedt would like to use the out of code upstairs windows to this new opening. Board members raised no concerns.

Exterior stairs
Also as discussed at the last meeting and shown with a historic photo, previously existing wood front stairs to the porch by the front door will be recreated, with no handrail. To the existing door on the west elevation of the barn, the applicant proposes wooden stairs with a handrail. Finally, the stairs at the east side porch will be replaced and a simple handrail is proposed to be added. The board discussed design details regarding single railings versus two-sided, but raised no additional concerns.

Ms. Hammerstedt noted that, for any additional proposed work, including addressing storm windows and clapboard siding for the whole structure, she will return to the HDC for approval. HDC members acknowledged and agreed.

As there were no additional questions from the board, Noel Greiner moved to approve the application for 15 Main Street as submitted. Scott Oliver seconded. Members voted unanimously in favor.

The subcommittee to update HDC regulations will meet January 12 and January 19 from 2:00 – 4:00 pm.

The meeting adjourned at 8:05 pm.