Meeting Minutes of the Select Board

 Location:  Town offices Date:  October 15, 2020
 Opened:    7:00 pm Adjourned: 9:30 pm

Select Board Members:  Jay Jacobs, Kathy Scott, Andrea Hodson _________________

Building maintenance
 – Air filters – Libraries around the state have installed iWave air filters in light of the pandemic, and the town library trustees would like to do the same. Emergency  Management Director Jeff Cady explained how the iWave ionizing system works and that Keating Electric supplied a quote of $4500 to install at the library as well as the police department and town offices. The devices should be covered under GOFERR grant, which reimburses municipalities for expenses that are COVID-related. All agreed testing the air quality before installation and after a certain period of time is the best way to measure effectiveness, though this is an additional expense. The filters can be installed immediately. Following discussion, including some skepticism about solid evidence of effectiveness, the SB moved and voted unanimously in favor to approve the installation of the air filters at the library, police department and town offices.

-Swanzey Oil is scheduled for Monday, November 9th,at 8:00 am to service the furnaces at the highway barns and the police station.

-Recycling Center – The board will discuss with the RC Coordinator keeping the heat off in the unused building until freezing temperatures arrive; Jeff Cady will explore estimates for keeping the bathroom and office area heated to keep the water from freezing. He also will investigate if the old RC machinery, which is no longer in use, is sellable.  The board hopes to hear a forecast on the recycling market at the upcoming annual NRRA meeting, which is November 4th. Jeff Cady will attend.

Information about Halloween is posted on the website, including guidelines and ideas for safe trick or treating. As in previous years, the hours are 5-7 pm.

2021 Budget Planning – The SB asked the office to coordinate easy access to budget preparation information as budget season gets under way. In addition, the SB reviewed the status of 2020 spending and remaining balances for each department. The board feels all numbers are within the anticipated range.

Highway – The SB will talk to Road Agent about road salt quotes and orders.

Tax rate – The state awaits school budget numbers before it can set the tax rate. Anticipated timing for running the tax warrant remains the end of October or early November.

ATV – Though the police department will retain the ATV for its use, the board received a private offer for the a set of ATV tracks, the trailer, and the toboggan, which are not needed. Following discussion, the board moved and voted unanimously in favor to sell the accessories to the ATV for $3,000.

Employee benefits – Andrea Hodson noted that Health Trust anticipates an increase of 6.15% to health premiums effective July 1, 2021. Health Trust will get back to us on options for adding short- and long-term disability and dental and vision.

Electric Aggregation Committee/Community Power – Andrea Hodson noted the information now available on the website, including question and answers resulting from the first Community Conversation. The committee is shifting into developing the Electric Aggregation Plan, which will be the topic of the second Community Conversation, after which the proposed plan will reviewed by the SB and finalized for presentation at Town Meeting. The plan will contain three elements: pricing of electricity, options for renewable energy, and establishment of a reserve fund. The committee also is working whether the plans will be opt-in or opt-out.

Ordinance review – The board noted the proposed modifications to the existing wetlands ordinance, as drafted by the Ordinance Review Committee and presented to the Planning Board. Additional edits are being considered, with a tentative date of November 11 for the first public hearing. Separately, Andrea Hodson requested that the SB revisit the draft noise ordinance.

Conservation Commission – Kathy Scott noted the HCC, following the request of Christine Destrempes, is researching the issue of fireworks pollution and possible effects on clean water.

Document review
The SB signed the meeting minutes of October 1.

SB signed the payroll warrant in the amount of $39,638.53.

SB signed the October 15 pay warrant in the amount of $154,266.84.

Police Chief – Chief Buddy Driscoll announced his retirement, effective February 26, 2021, following twenty five years with the Harrisville Police Department and 40 years with the Fire Department. He will work with the Select Board in the coming months on this transition, including the handing over of the multiple responsibilities he has overseen in his position.  The board expressed its congratulations following the Chief’s announcement and looks forward to honoring him for his service to the town.

Code Enforcement – The SB reviewed and signed the building permit application for Mike Wilder, Map 30 – Lot 57, for the replacement of second-story windows.