Select Board Agenda
October 15, 2020
7:00 pm

-Decision on road salt quotes/contracts (Cargill and Morton Salt)

-Budget P/L – status of 2020 spending against budget

-GOFERR grant – memo from Finance Coordinator on remaining balance available for claim

-Tax rate/tax warrant – any update

-ATV – sale of accessory parts

-Sign pay warrant

-Sign payroll warrant

-Employee benefits – update on quotes for short and long term disability/other

Building Maintenance
-Library – Decision on air filters – input from Jeff Cady

– Swanzey Oil – furnace cleaning/maintenance scheduled for Mon Nov 9th @ 8:00 am (New and old highway barns and Police Station)

– SB guidelines on trick or treating – Police Chief to attend

-EAC – update

-Fireworks pollution – update from HCC meeting

– Land use – update on applications/upcoming hearings (60 Westside; 15 Main St)

-Wilder building permit (window replacement)

-Proposed Ordinances – update on Planning Board discussion

-Annual OSI Land Use Law Conference

Document review
-Meeting Minutes of 10-1