Meeting Minutes of the Select Board

Location:   Town offices Date: July 31, 2020  
Opened:     9:00 am Adjourned: 11:35 am  

Select Board Members: Jay Jacobs, Kathy Scott, Andrea Hodson ________________________________________

The SB moved and voted unanimously in favor to allow part-time employees the opportunity to buy into the town’s medical plan, with employees responsible for 100% of the premium.

The SB signed the payroll warrant in the amount of $24,907.23.

The SB signed the pay warrant in the amount of $11,681.19.

The board moved and voted unanimously in favor to approve the paid time off policy, with the option to reconsider this policy in the future.

Following discussion with the Road Agent at the previous week’s meeting, Andrea Hodson suggested budget reallocations to cover the unforeseen cost for crack sealing Bonds Corner Road in the amount of $11,300.

Recycling Center – The SB discussed with the Recycling Center Coordinator the return to normal recycling procedures with the necessary protective equipment and tools in place. The board also unanimously approved the guidelines that coordinate the RC with other functions of town government, including Emergency Management and the Health Officer. The Select Board office will contact Harrisville Designs to request scheduling drop-off of their large amount of cardboard at an hour outside of the regular RC hours of operation, possibly Monday morning.

Highway Department – The board will ask the Road Agent to assess the property on Tolman Pond Road where runoff is said to be coming onto the driveway.

Town Clerk – The board noted that both fall elections will be held at Town Offices and will finalize logistics with the Town Clerk, considering any concerns she may have. On the matter of whether or not the town would cover voters’ postage for absentee ballots, Andrea Hodson moved to continue to send absentee ballots without return postage for the primaries and to revisit the issue for the general election. All voted in favor.

Tax Collector – SB will schedule time with the Tax Collector to discuss liens prior to the August 21 deadline.

Code Enforcement – A letter was sent to a Piper Lane resident requesting information about a potential zoning violation; regarding a Breed Road violation of the sign ordinance, the resident was informed the sign in question must be moved further from property line and reduced in size.

Traffic Safety – Jay Jacobs updated the board on the Traffic Safety Committee’s input on signage on Island Street to prevent boat traffic and non-cemetery traffic from entering Island Street. The committee recommends putting a sign at the existing pole in the church parking area. The office will reach out to the Cemetery Trustees about considering a sign at the cemetery entrance reminding visitors of appropriate use. The board further discussed the need for a sign on the bridge near the library, or perhaps more usefully on Main Street, to direct visitors looking for the boat ramp to take Prospect Street and not Island Street. The office will research how to obtain boat ramp directional signage and the estimated cost.

Police Department – The board reviewed a sample parking ticket in consideration of reprinting Harrisville’s tickets and the process for payment of fines. The board requested the Police Chief attend the next meeting to further discuss this and to be present for a public hearing to amend the parking ordinances and to discuss enforcement at Silver Lake. The date of this hearing is Thursday, August 6, at 7:00 pm, following the public informational meeting with the Dam Bureau on Howe Reservoir.

Silver Lake
The board further discussed options the town has to enforce proper use of Silver Lake and the boat ramp. The board recognizes the parking problems and concerns of area residents, noting its intent to formulate and implement a plan on parking. Following review of the DOT document, which sets out exactly where cars can be parked along Breed Road, Jay Jacobs suggested contacting DOT in conjunction with the Town Police to delineate this parking area and subsequently to ask DOT to put “no parking” signs the length on both sides of the road. Andrea Hodson noted she contacted Bill Lambert, Traffic Administrator for NH DOT Bureau of Traffic, who confirmed that authority to change parking is assigned to the Commissioner of Transport. If the town feels this is an evolving problem, the town can send a letter to Mr. Lambert, who can create a permanent regulation and have signs installed. Towns are allowed to ticket based on the state regulations. In summary, the board noted the issue is exacerbated this summer and that it is a problem everywhere, not just in Harrisville. The SB would like to ensure adequate usage for townspeople and neighboring townspeople. They also request more police presence to uphold regulations and extra local and/or state police support in the summer as possible. Members will revisit the site area to ascertain exact sign locations and realistic number of parking spaces.

Primex – Following additional deliberation, the SB determined the town will not file an insurance claim for the Andrea Walker case.