Meeting Minutes of the Select Board

 Location:  Town offices Date:  July 23, 2020  
 Opened:    7:00 pm Adjourned: 9:20 pm  


Select Board Members:  Jay Jacobs, Kathy Scott, Andrea Hodson ___________

Members of the public in person: George Colony, Ted Braun, Barbara Watkins, Jeff Cady, John Newcombe, Don Scott, Ned Hulbert and Mary Day Mordecai

Members of the public via zoom: Todd Chamberlain, Ben Dexter, Charlotte Stanley, Jeff Miller, Becca Kelly, Andrew MacDonald, Jim Putnam, Julie Pakradooni, Charlotte Porter, Andrea Loeb, Colin Kennard, D & T Miller, Rosamund Delori

Silver Lake
Silver Lake residents expressed concerns to the Select Board about overcrowding, illegal parking, safety and nuisance issues related to increasing congestion in the area of the Silver Lake boat ramp, around the dam, and on the water. They requested assistance from the SB in enforcing state and local parking regulations, boat ramp ordinances and trespassing to deter unsafe conditions and protect the lake as a valuable natural resource. They also noted encroachment on private conservation property, Fish & Game property and land owned by NHDES.

SB member Kathy Scott shared her observations of unsafe conditions along the water, at the boat ramp, and along the road due to overcrowding and parking violations, and she requested ticketing and enforcement by the Police Department. Attendees discussed options for managing increased use and all agreed the best approach is a joint effort between the town and state agencies, including Marine Patrol, NH Fish & Game, DES and the DOT. The SB acknowledged that, while various agencies own certain parcels, the town can exercise its rights to enforce the necessary regulations. Kathy Scott noted that she awaits a response from the Dam Bureau on its policies and recommendations.

On issuing parking tickets, the Select Board noted the town’s custom to try to work with residents prior to issuing fines. Silver Lake residents reiterated safety concerns and strongly urged assistance from the town, including the placement of new No Parking signs in relevant areas. The board noted it will further discuss this and all enforcement matters in the Silver Lake area with the Police Chief, and encouraged Silver Lake Association representatives also to discuss this with him. The SB also will reach out to the DOT in Keene.

Transportation Committee
Ned Hulbert and Mary Day Mordecai are finalizing the MAST grant application for radar speed signs and trail head signs. They recommended modifying a phrase in the existing Complete Streets Resolution that establishes a timeframe of five years of effectiveness. Based on the recommendation of SWRPC, the committee requested that the SB adopt the Complete Streets Resolution on a permanent basis. The board and committee representatives discussed to what extent the resolution is binding or not upon the town. Following further discussion, and concerns expressed by Jay Jacobs regarding potential constraints on the town and future boards,  Andrea Hodson moved to accepted the amended clause of the Complete Streets Resolution eliminating dates of effectiveness. Kathy Scott seconded. The vote was 2-1 in favor with Jay Jacobs opposed for the reason stated above. The board agreed to meet with the Transportation Committee this fall as part of its annual discussion and as part of the budget process.

Highway Department
The SB discussed the estimate submitted for crack-sealing work along Bonds Corner Road to lengthen the life of the existing surface. The estimated cost is $11, 385.00. The board discussed budget allocation with the Road Agent, determining feasibility through allocations in the highway budget and remaining funds from roadwork projects.

Recycling Center
The SB will ask RC Coordinator to safely maximize volume in containers, noting that the necessary tools are in place and no touching of materials has to occur. The board further noted that the RC budget will be exceeded given increased hauling fees during the pandemic.

Document review
-The SB reviewed letters related to Police Department work and the Conservation Commission and signed the latter.

-The SB approved the meeting minutes of June 25, June 26 and July 9.

-The SB reviewed the deed notice list from the Tax Collector and reviewed the letter from a taxpayer. The SB will request additional information from the Tax collector regarding the letter.

-The SB executed the Bond Documents for the Broadband project.

– The SB signed the Pay Warrant in the amount of $150,000 for the installment to the SAU and will request the signature of the Treasurer.

-The SB noted the ATV is no longer for sale and will remain available for Police, Fire and/or Highway Department needs.

-SB reviewed its submission to the 150thCommemorative Book.

-Jeff Cady noted that the kiosk at the Skatutakee Road Spring has been reconstructed and the Library door repaired.

-The SB moved and voted unanimously in favor to file a claim with Primex for the theft of funds related to the Andrea Walker case.

-Riverside Cemetery – The SB moved and voted in favor to accept the proposed rear boundary line, as proposed by the survey plan prepared for the Barlows, on condition of agreement by Cemetery Trustees.

-Traffic Safety Committee – The committee will meet Tuesday morning, July 28, at 9:00 am.
-Historic District Commission – Kathy Scott noted the HDC has changed its regular meeting schedule to the 4thTuesday of the month.