Harrisville Conservation Commission


Wednesday, July 1, 2020, 7:00 PM, Town Hall & Zoom Online Meeting

  1. Agenda Review / approve June Minutes

  2. Rain Garden Update
    1. Construction begins Monday 6/29, finished in3-4 days

                                                               i.      Updated final design

                                                             ii.      Fencing & Signage support detail

                                                           iii.      Approved by Historic District Commission 6/24/20

    1. Rain Garden Signage – workshop design session

                                                               i.      Harrisville Pond Rain Garden

                                                             ii.      Rain Garden Design

                                                           iii.      What Rain Gardens Do

                                                           iv.      How Rain Gardens Protect Ponds

                                                             v.      Clean, Drain & Dry Here

                                                           vi.      Home Stormwater Management Methods

 Wetland Buffer Zones Revisited

    1. Wetland Protection Ordinances in NH (see handouts attached)
    2. Guidance to Ordinance Review Committee

                                                               i.      Timing

                                                             ii.      Scope of Con Com input

                                                           iii.      Ordinance design & consulting input

  1. Trails & Trailhead signage
    1. Progress identifying public trails
    2. Trailhead sign design

 Reports on actions of other town committees (5-10 minutes)

    1. Selectboard
    2. Planning Board
    3. Zoning Board of Adjustment
    4. Building Permits & applications
  1. Other business