Meeting Minutes of the Select Board

Location:   town offices Date: May 29, 2020
Opened:     9:00 am Adjourned: 12:00 pm


Select Board Members: Jay Jacobs, Kathy Scott, Andrea Hodson ________________________________________

Attendees at town offices: Don Scott, Barbara Watkins, Mary Day Mordecai, Ned Hulbert, Jeff Cady, Scott Oliver, Ryan Stone. Attendees via zoom: David Belknap, Pegg Monahan, Alison Weber, Lisa Anderson

Non-public session – At 9:05 am, the SB moved and voted unanimously per RSA 91-A:3(II) to enter into non-public session to discuss with Town Clerk Cathy Lovas the position of deputy town clerk. Following discussion and the recommendations put forth by the Town Clerk, the SB moved and voted unanimously in favor to appoint Amy Roberts, effective immediately, to the position of deputy town clerk. At 9:15 am, the SB moved and voted unanimously in favor to exit non-public session.

GOFERR (Governor’s Office for Emergency Relief and Recovery) – The SB discussed with the Finance Coordinator and Emergency Management Director (EMD) the submission of the GOFERR application for funding relief. The town has incurred $4800 in Covid-related expenses to date, which are potentially eligible for reimbursement. The SB signed the application.

Beach committee / Covid 19 – Scott Oliver of the Beach Committee, and Pegg Monahan from Harrisville Pond Lake Host program, discussed with the SB, the EMD and the Health Officer safe guidelines for beach and facilities use. The group also discussed enforcement of the town residents only policy. The port-a-potty is in place and will continue to be sanitized at the normal schedule; however, the board and beach committee encourage beachgoers to maintain social distancing guidelines, practice safe hygiene and to be aware of the posted regulations. Additional reminders about public health will be posted. Separately, David Belknap offered to assist the lake association with a private water testing option.

Jeff Cady informed the SB the state is extending the stay at home order and social distancing guidelines until June 15. Following concerns expressed by Pegg Monahan that not all visitors to town hall are wearing masks, Andrea Hodson moved to escalate measures to mandate that masks be worn in town buildings. There was no second or further discussion on the matter other than the observation that the town and area have seen no escalation of illness with the signage, protocol and recommendations already in place.

Transportation Committee – Mary Day Mordecai, Ned Hulbert and Barbara Watkins attended to request a future conversation with the SB to revisit the Complete Streets policy for safe roads for vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists. The group discussed proposed road widths, and options for widths and asphalt versus dirt surfaces, for the current road projects with the hope that traffic calming measures would factor into the layout and a safe shoulder could be maintained. The board took the requests under advisement but noted that multiple uses present challenges on our town roads. The committee will obtain information from the DOT about required width to add bike lane/shoulder and asked the board to please be open to potential option that helps calm vehicular speed. They also requested to meet with the board as discussions of road projects arise, which the board welcomes.

Rail Trail / ATV use – The board noted the state has an ATV restriction ordinance and the police department can issue citations under the state regulation. The town has committed to help repair sections of the trail and will follow through when possible.

Gravel pit committee – Subcommittee Chairman Ryan Stone expressed concern to the Select Board about differing interpretations by townspeople of the Warrant Article from the March Town Meeting. He feels that the subcommittee’s charge, in addition to presenting findings related to excavation operations, is to consider alternate uses for the property. Kathy Scott noted she has contacted town counsel and the NH Municipal Association for their opinion. The SB confirmed their position, as presented at Town Meeting, as the Article was drafted and as the legislative body voted, that the immediate purpose of purchasing the parcel was for aggregate road material and that, once excavation is complete, a committee and the town of course could consider recreational, housing or other uses for the parcel. Following lengthy discussion, Mr. Stone and the board agreed that the committee should make a good faith effort to consider the neighbors’ concerns and interpretations, while recommending actions to manage and operate the gravel pit. Mr. Stone noted that an extra subcommittee meeting may be required before the findings are presented at a public hearing. The board encourages the committee in its work and to remain focused to complete it within a certain period of time. Mr. Stone noted its next meeting will be a committee work session. The board thanked Mr. Stone for his time and helpful assistance.

Regarding a boundary line question on Blood Hill Road, the SB suggested Mr. Stone talk to the Road Agent for his assessment.
Assessing – The SB signed the Land Use Change Tax for Richard Lieberstein (Map 30-Lot 21-4) and the Timber Tax form for Swift and Leah Corwin (Map 10-Lot 45).

Historic District Commission – SB moved and voted unanimously in favor to name Rex Baker to the Historic District Commission. The Town Clerk will prepare the paperwork.

The SB will contact board and committee chairs to remind them to vote on officers as required following Town Meeting and to review protocol for accessing files. Separately, the SB reaffirmed its policy that public files cannot be removed from town office and that, upon public requests for specific information, office staff or Board Chairs can provide the requested information for review in the conference room.

SB reaffirmed its authorization to the Trustees of the Trust Funds for the 2018 purchase of the fire squad vehicle.

SB signed the meeting minutes of 5/21. The SB signed the pay warrant in the amount of $4,223.23.

SB acknowledged receipt of the letter from the NHMBB approving the Broadband Improvement Project bond application. Funds will be issued beginning in August 2020.

Health Trust – Representatives of Health Trust will meet with eligible employees next Wednesday, June 3rd, at 9:30 am to review plan options as part of the open enrollment process.