Meeting Minutes of the Select Board

 Location:  Town offices Date:  May 21, 2020
 Opened:    7:00 pm Adjourned: 9:40 pm


Select Board Members:  Jay Jacobs, Kathy Scott, Andrea Hodson ___________________________

Attendees at town offices: Don Scott, Barbara Watkins, Andrew Maneval, Jeff Cady

Attendees via zoom: David Belknap, Anne Freisinger Cucchi, John Cucchi

Use of Zoom for Remote Access – In the use of Zoom for meeting participation, the SB moved and voted unanimously in favor to bar the chat feature so that participation is via video or audio only.

Trails committee – Barbara Watkins updated the SB on the committee’s map work, noting the initial version includes approved trails available for public use. She and the committee are interested in further researching the boundaries of the town’s Class VI roads, including Bancroft Road and Cobb Hill Road, to define public and private layouts. On repairs to the town owned rail trail, Jay Jacobs, Wes Tarr, Don Scott and Barbara Watkins will walk it to assess what’s reparable this year. On the issue of ATVs causing damage, Mr. Jacobs noted there may already be a state law that the town can enforce. The Police Chief is discussing with Fish and Game. The penalty would be a $234 fine. Separately, Ms. Watkins informed the board of the Harris Center’s request to install a kiosk in the parking lot entrance to the Eastview Trail. She shared a photo of a sample kiosk. The board discussed potential locations and options to credit both Harris Center and the town. Ms. Watkins will ask Eric Masterson what exactly the harris Center proposes by way of design and materials. She also will ascertain exact proposed location given different ownership by the town and Harris Center.

Health Officer – David Belknap updated the board on information from the state health officer liaison. Mr. Belknap may have to report individuals believed to be afflicted with coronavirus. He also noted the town is within its right to cancel municipal events but not other private events as part of enforcement guidelines during the stay at home order. The health officer may be asked to help out with quarantine.

During discussion of whether or not, and how, to restrict beach access, it was noted that communities can make the decision. Regarding sanitation of, and access to, the port-a-potty, Jeff Cady recommended the vendor address this as they are best versed on this.  The board will check with Primex about any liability or policy-related issues and also talk further with the Beach Committee. The Health Officer and EMD noted that more masks are available and being distributed to town facilities. Grant applications for reimbursement of Covid-19 expenses are due June 1st. Jeff Cady is working with Amy Roberts to complete and submit.

Broadband Infrastructure Project – Andrew Maneval presented copies of the Bond Resolution, Loan Agreement, and Master Services Agreement with Consolidated to the SB for review and signature. The Loan Agreement was prepared by Bond Counsel.  Payments begin August 15, 2021. As part of the terms of agreement with CCCI, the town is required to notify CCI once the bond proceeds are received (in August 2020) so CCI goes on notice of commencement of payment. Mr. Maneval stated the Broadband Committee believes the Master Services Agreement is a good and fair agreement for the town and recommended SB signture. Mr. Maneval reviewed a couple of sections related to terms of payment and terms in event of default, including termination rights.  The Board was comfortable with the final terms and language. As for next steps the SB needs to disclose publicly and to CCI which town facilities will receive broadband service at no expense. These include town offices, fire/rescue stations, the town garage, police department (subject to Police Chief review), library and Recycling Center. Recommended that board sign. Following discussion, the SB moved and voted unanimously in favor to sign Master Service Agreement with CCI for the Broadband Improvement Project.

Mr. Maneval will submit an article to Common Threadson the developments.

Separately, the SB moved to execute the Bond Resolution for signature by the Town Clerk. The Town Clerk subsequently took a roll call vote from the Select Board. Ms. Hodson, Mr. Jacobs and Ms. Scott all voted in favor. The Town Clerk signed and affixed the town seal to the document.

Energy Aggregation Committee – Meetings continue on Friday mornings and are learning how the state can help support the towns. The assistant county manager is in charge of the county wide aggregation effort. On June 5, a Community Power Summit is being held. The goal is to save residents money on their electric bills and to negotiate renewable energy options.  Separately, Standard Power has already sent its proposal to the SB for November contract.

Gravel pit update – Kathy Scott reviewed that the site visit occurred last week. She noted that the Anderson’s raised that they read the Warrant Article amendment as being an opportunity for other uses of the parcel. The SB confirmed the responses they provided to this question at Town Meeting, that the Warrant Article was written, and the purpose of the purchase was, to obtain the land for use as a gravel pit. Subsequent use was for determination by future boards and town officials.  Mr. Maneval, author of the amendment to the Warrant Article that passed at town meeting, shared his email to Ryan Stone, Gravel Pit SubCommittee Chair, explaining his intention in proposing the amendment. The subcommittee will review and discuss this question at its next meeting, scheduled for June 2 at 4:00 pm.  Separately, Don Scott noted he could create a visual image of the parcel to show residents its layout and how noise is channeled based on terrain. The committee can use this to make a good faith effort to address the neighbors’ concerns. The neighborhood is undecided about parking for rail trail, an idea raised for another use on the land. Consensus of the subcommittee now is not to act on this yet.

Meeting Minutes of 5-14-2020 – The SB moved and voted in favor to approve.

Pay warrant – SB signed pay warrant in the amount of $106,659.63.

Payroll warrant – SB signed in the amount of $25,095.26.

Trustees of the Trust Funds – The SB signed the authorization to transfer funds from Road Equipment Capital Reserve Fund for the 2018 purchase of the Fire Truck. This was approved at the 2018 Town Meeting; however the authorization was never prepared and the funds were never transferred.

Memorial Day Ceremony – will be videotaped and shown livestream on town Facebook page and taped version on website.

Worden / Cucchi Matter – The SB made no decision and did not further discuss other than to acknowledge submission of the letter from the Cucchis’ attorney alleging the town is not within its rights to grant Ms. Worden and Mr. Faucher’s requests.

Health benefits – Ms. Hodson noted the open enrollment period is coming up. Board discussed options and potential additions to the available plans, including opening up the option to part-time employees (15 or more hours per week). The board would need to decide if employees will need to pay for themselves or if town would pay for portion. The board also discussed the possibility of offering short-term disability, which could be worked into 2021 and 2022 budgets, and will discuss with eligible employees.  During coming renewal period, board will solicit employee input on their preferences. SB did determine it will add, at no cost to town, two additional town plan options.

No discussion or decision on Worden/Cucchi matter.

The Select Board’s last meeting of the month is an administrative meeting, which will be held Friday, May 29, at 9:00 am at town offices.