Meeting Minutes of the Select Board

Location:   town offices Date: May 14, 2020  
Opened:     4:00 pm Continued: 6:42 pm to Tuesday, May 19, 2020 at 9:00 am at town offices  

Select Board Members: Jay Jacobs, Kathy Scott, Andrea Hodson (A.Hodson via zoom)____________________

Attendees at town offices: Jeff Cady, David Belknap

Attendees via zoom: Anne Cucchi, John Cucchi

Zoning Ordinances – The current Zoning Ordinance booklet is being updated for re-publication to include amendments adopted at Town Meeting 2019 and Town Meeting 2020. Andrea Hodson reviewed the topics the Planning Board is looking to the Ordinance Review Committee to address in the coming year. The SB agreed that the land use boards, in addition to having representatives who serve on the committee, should offer subject matter input – e.g., the Conservation Commission with respect to any proposed setbacks in wetlands, the Zoning Board regarding provisions related to decks and setbacks in the residential/agricultural district, and the Historic District Commission with respect to its relevant language. The website version also will be updated.

Emergency Management – Mr. Cady noted he met with Finance Coordinator Amy Roberts on expenses. He reviewed the numerous grant opportunities for Covid expense reimbursement. In An education fund also is available, so Mr. Cady will touch base with the school district to ensure they’re filing separately. The board then discussed plans to reopen town facilities though no specific date was set. The SB continues to request and recommend, in line with CDC guidelines, that masks be worn by any person who enters town buildings and by all employees working in close proximity while in their offices or buildings, or when dealing with the public. A memo will go to all Department Heads and board/committee chairs with this recommendation and a sign will be posted outside town offices. Mr. Cady anticipates release of detailed guidelines for employers and businesses, including municipalities, whether or not the Governor extends the stay-at-home order. The EMD or SB will supply masks as needed. Mr. Cady remains available to support each department. The board is pleased to report that remote meeting access via Zoom has been working well overall.

Energy Aggregation Committee – Ms. Hodson reported that the committee is meeting regularly on Friday mornings. She added that the committee is reaching out to area towns and reaching out to county coordinator who will attend next meeting.

Legal – The board reviewed the draft victim impact letter to the judge in the Andrea Walker case. Following discussion and an agreed upon amendment, the board voted unanimously in favor to approve. It will be sent out on Friday.

Pamela Worden request – in response to Ms. Worden and Mr. Faucher’s correspondence to the board seeking ceding of the public right of way across their Skatutakee Road parcel, the board shared differences of opinion. Mr. Jacobs believes the town should hold into this to allow for continued public access. He believes the town spent years fighting to keep this and to come up with a reasonable solution, that there is a significant historical foundation for how rights of way were granted or retained, and that it is valuable, given limited public access in town to public waters, even if it is not widely used. He added the parcel was never eligible to be deeded. Ms. Hodson and Ms. Scott stated they believe the access is not valuable enough or expansive enough for adequate future use, or wider public purpose, to warrant continued legal battles and time spent by the board to retain it. Mr. Jacobs recommends not taking action and advising the Wordens to this effect. Upon further discussion, no decision was made as all agreed to convene with town counsel.

Separately, the SB acknowledged receipt of the correspondence from John and Anne Cucchi “demanding a Cease and Desist” on action related to the Worden matter. The SB will review and address at its next meeting.

ATV use on the town owned rail trail – The Police Chief awaits a meeting with Fish & Game.

Meeting Minutes – The SB moved and voted unanimously to approve the minutes of 5/7.

The SB signed the Agreement for Advanced Life Support Intercept Transport Service with the City of Keene.

The SB signed the Eversource Pole License Agreement.

Broadband project – The SB approved the recommendation of Bond Counsel to revise the Bond Bank application to reflect exact amount approved amount.

The SB signed Intent to Cut for Swift Corwin (Map 10 Lot 45).

The SB signed the Authorization for the Trustees of the Trust Funds to transfer $125.00 to the Cemetery Maintenance Trust Fund.

The SB signed the pay warrant in the amount of $7,523.30.Andrea Hodson noted the Audit by Vachon Clukay is proceeding.

Chesham Pond Dam – The SB acknowledged receipt of notification from the Dam Bureau that it will need to adjust water levels at Chesham Pond as it removes the coffer dam. The bureau hopes to return water levels to normal by July 1, if not sooner. The office will notify Mr. Sorenson to share with neighbors as well as post on the website home page.

Ms. Hodson noted that the town’s employee health insurance policy contract renews in July and that an open enrollment period will precede this. The SB has a menu of options to consider. She will pull together for the board to discuss.

Common Threads – The board will submit for the 5/20 deadline.

The SB acknowledged receipt of correspondence from Donna Sprague regarding parking at the boat landing and speeding along Hancock Road. The board will share with the Police Chief. The Road Agent will ensure the signs are properly situated for the season.

The SB acknowledged receipt of the correspondence from Erik Anderson to the Select Board about the Jaquith Road gravel pit, expressing their feelings about not being heard and their objections to the gravel pit committee selection process. The subcommittee continues to hold its public meetings. The next one is Tuesday, May 19 at 3:00 pm and will include a site visit.

At 6:42 pm, the SB moved and voted unanimously in favor to continue its meeting to Tuesday, May 19, at 9:00 am at town offices to meet with Town Counsel.


Meeting Minutes of the Select Board

Location:   Date: May 19, 2020  
Opened:     9:00 am adjourned: 10:00 am  

Select Board Members: Jay Jacobs, Kathy Scott, Andrea Hodson ____________________________________

At 9:00 am, per RSA 91-A:3,II(l), the SB moved and voted unanimously to enter non-public session to discuss legal matters with town counsel. No decisions were made.

Following discussion, per attorney-client privilege, the SB moved and voted unanimously in favor to seal the minutes of this session.