Meeting Minutes of the Select Board

 Location:  Town offices Date:  April 2, 2020
 Opened:    4:00 pm Adjourned:  6:30 pm

Select Board Members: Jay Jacobs, Kathy Scott, Andrea Hodson________________________

Attendees: Jeff Cady, Ranae O’Neil, Pam Thayer

Skatutakee Road – The SB deferred the request from Pamela Worden and Charles Faucher regarding the town right-of-way on their Skatutakee Road parcel.

Code Enforcement – The SB will schedule an inspection of Mike Wilder’s 10×12 garage addition for use as a storage room.

Assessor – SB signed the Intent to Cut for Swift Corwin for NH Route 137 (Map 10 – Lot 45).

SB acknowledged receipt of Town Meeting Minutes of 3/10/2020.

Committee and Board member appointments- SB moved to defer signing Oaths of Office to April 9, 2020. All voted in favor. The board will resend notification to Chairs to reconfirm member interest and will discuss further with Town Clerk.

Emergency Management – Jeff Cady installed a temporary bulletin board at Veteran’s Park for communications related to Covid 19.  Mr. Cady will coordinate with the Librarian on Covid 19-related email communications to library patrons.

The SB noted it will send a letter to the Island Street resident regarding a 911/Police request for change of address. The resident will be asked to sign a letter of agreement.

150th  Celebration – The SB continues to leave the decision up to the committee chairs whether or not to postpone the event. The committee has some time before having to make decision.

Recycle Center – The SB moved and voted in favor to renew dues membership for the NRRA. The board also discussed the process for residents to submit tipping fees in labeled envelopes in the drop box.

The SB office will contact Eversource about the potential risk of the leaning tree, damaged by beaver, by the Hancock Road bridge off Main Street.

Highway Department – SB noted the Road Agent will coordinate delivery of the new grader.

Subsequently, the SB reviewed the five submitted bids to the RFP for the 2020 Road Paving project. Based on the submissions, as well as the Proposal Requirements as outlined in the RFP, the SB moved and voted unanimously in favor to award the 2020 Road Paving Project to All States Asphalt. Following are all the bid prices per ton of road material: Advanced Paving $78.25/ton; Sunapee Paving $80/ton; Vermont Paving $78.29/ton; Arlington Paving/BDM $76/ton; All States Asphalt $70.48.

The Select Board will contact all bidders regarding the decision and to thank them for their interest and submission.

Gravel pit committee – The SB continued preliminary discussion of the gravel pit committee in light of the amended Warrant Article. Members continued to disagree on the committee’s mandate and exact scope of work based on the Warrant Article language and comments at Town Meeting, as well as the board’s desired timeframe for commencement of operation.

Community Power – Andrea Hodson will represent the Select Board on the Planning Board subcommittee on Community Power.