Meeting Minutes of the Select Board

 Location:   Date:  March 26, 2020
 Opened:    7:00 pm Adjourned:  9:00 pm

Select Board Members: Jay Jacobs, Kathy Scott, Andrea Hodson________________________

Emergency Management
Volunteer Coordinator – Jeff Cady will reach out to Cathy Sorenson to discuss the position and how it fits into Covid 19 response plan. Kathy Scott to support as well.

Recycling Center – The board discussed revised protocol list for personal protection for the RC Coordinator. Health/safety posters will be printed. One person on the platform at a time . The EMD confirmed that a lock box is being purchased for tipping fee deposits, which will be reinstated the weekend of April 3-4th.

Mr. Cady also noted he obtained more sanitizer for the Fire Department, Town Barn, and Police Station.

Town Meeting / Warrant Article follow up
Fund transfers – The SB will confirm with the Treasurer what needs to be done regarding fund transfers and authorizations.

Highway Department – The SB supports the Road Agent’s recommendation for the new 2019 grader with a 7-year Warranty.  The next step is to agree on the bid with John Deere and then sign a contract. Following discussion and review of the bid sheet, the SB moved to approve the Nortrax 2019 grader at a total net price of no more than $290,747.  All voted in favor. On the Road Paving RFP, Mr. Tarr confirmed that the driveway aprons are 18” with a 2” base.

Gravel pit – The board began discussion of potential candidates for the committee and details surrounding its scope of work. Members differed over how much the committee should be involved in details surrounding the Alteration of Terrain Permit (AOT), required by the state, and the management and reclamation plan. Kathy Scott noted reclamation is part of the AOT permit process. The board will invite a representative of the state to attend at least the first committee meeting to explain state oversight of excavation operations. Andrea Hodson expressed concern that the scope of the committee’s focus, as proposed by her colleagues, was too narrow and that the objections and concerns raised by neighbors at Town Meeting, which gave rise to the warrant article amendment stipulating the establishment of the committee, were not being adequately addressed. The board agreed to continue the discussion.

Board / Committee Chairs – As determined earlier in the week, the office will reach out to board and committee chairs regarding appointments.

Other business
The SB approved the meeting minutes of March 5, 2020.

The SB signed the pay warrant in the amount of $4,130.89.