Meeting Minutes of the Select Board

 Location:  Town offices Date:  March 20, 2020
 Opened:    9:00 am Continued:  12:45 pm to March 24 @ 9:00 am at town offices

Select Board Members: Jay Jacobs, Kathy Scott, Andrea Hodson__________________________

Attendees: Jeff Cady, Randy Tarr, Jr., Susan Weaver, David Belknap, Wayne DeRosia, Deirdre Oliver, Scott Oliver, Scott Lazzaro of SAU 29

Recycling Center– SB discussed with RC Coordinator the status of nearby towns’ recycling operations in light of Covid 19. It was noted that Marlborough and Dublin were closing the recycling sections of transfer stations but that garbage disposal remained open. Jaffrey planned similarly. The SB and Emergency Management Director discussed safety measures for staff and the public. The Coordinator has posted a “Do Not Enter” sign outside his office. The SB emphasized it will honor any decision Mr. Tarr, Jr. is comfortable with regarding the operation of the facility. It will be suggested that residents continue to practice safe distancing – 6 feet, that railings would be disinfected regularly, gloves would be worn at all times, no dog treats, and no tipping fees for now, unless large objects are deposited in which case names would be taken for future payment. It also was noted that Monadnock Disposal continues to take cardboard. Signage for the Recycling Center will be prepared.

Library– Susan Weaver met with the board to discuss continuing library services by phone or email. Information is available on the website homepage about how books and other materials may still be checked out without entering the library building. Library staff will continue to be paid for work done on premises and from home.

Emergency Management – Director Jeff Cady reviewed ideas for the volunteer network to help serve residents in need. Several resident volunteers have come forward and a volunteer coordinator position is recommended. Board will work with EMD to solidify. Mr. Cady also discussed with the board continued best methods for communicating state, emergency management and Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) information to other town officials, emergency services, and residents. The EMD will continue to have access to the school in case of emergency. All agreed that a flyer containing key health information and contact information would go to all residents via the post office and would be posted on the website.

The EMD recommended sharing a portion of the town’s N95 masks to Cheshire medical, Monadnock Community and Dartmouth Hitchcock-Lebanon hospitals. The SB fully supports.

As the Covid 19 situation evolves, the EMD will coordinate the response of the town’s departments, advising the SB Chair of necessary protective actions, and coordinate the use of local and outside resources.

Health Officer – David Belknap noted he will be notified if people in town need to be quarantined. He also shared with the board a notice from NH Municipal Association and from DHHS outlining RSA 141 and the roles and responsibilities of Health Officers to assist in any isolation and quarantine measures. In turn local health officers inform DHHS if appropriate measures need to be taken to safeguard residents and the town.

Agricultural Commission– The board met with Deirdre and Scott Oliver to discuss how best to get the word out that groceries are available at the store and at local farms. The group shared ideas for coordinating access to food, possibly identifying tillable land for crop-growing opportunities to support area residents, and even teaching people how to grow their own food, though many online and library resources also offer this. Commission members will stay in touch with the board to further explore.

Highway Department– The board continued to compare the new grader models for purchase. They will discuss further with the Road Agent and John Deere representatives. Separately, the board confirmed that the RFP for Road paving was issued. Bids are due by 3:00 pm on April 2.

Eversource– Eversource has proposed replacing a downed pole at Sunset Beach at no cost to the town, but the new location closer to the road is not a desirable one, according to the beach committee. The SB office will contact Ranae O’Neil to have her discuss directly with the Road Agent.

SAU 29 – Business Office Manager, Scott Lazzaro, met with the SB to discuss payment responsibility for the generator at Wells Memorial School. Historically, the Town has covered the service and maintenance costs, and the school has covered fuel costs, but recently the SB has asked the School to cover all expenses. The amount is approximately $1,100.00 per year.  The school on its own has discussed moving to a propane generator, as this would save on wet-stacking expenses from creosote buildup; however, this could not happen for another year as a warrant article is required. It is anticipated a propane generator would save $1,500 in future emergency servicing costs.  Mr. Lazzaro will obtain actual fuel costs paid by the school and share with the SB. Once the SB sees these numbers, it will confirm whether or not total costs can be split evenly between the two entities. Mr. Lazzaro believes that is agreeable.

Gravel pit committee –SB suggests a 5-person committee and will settle in the coming week or two on membership and areas of committee focus and responsibility in light of the amended Warrant Article.

Additional Town Meeting follow-up – The SB will discuss required fund transfers and timeframes with the Treasurer. 

The SB acknowledged receipt of correspondence from Pamela Worden and Charles Faucher regarding the town right-of-way along their property on Lake Skatutakee. The SB will review.

Tax Collector – The SB signed the abatement in the amount of $ for the Tax Collector.


Continued Meeting Minutes of the Select Board

 Location:   Date:  March 24, 2020
 Continued:    9:00 am Adjourned:  2:45 pm

Select Board Members: Jay Jacobs, Kathy Scott, Andrea Hodson___________________________

Attendees: Jeff Cady, Ranae O’Neil, Scott Stone, Mike Wilder, Wayne Derosia

Eversource/Sunset Beach pole– Ranae O’Neil and Scott Stone met with the board to discuss the possibility for Eversource to replace the downed pole in its original location. They also reviewed the repaired town light on the pole that has circuit breakers to supply needed power at the beach for occasional use. An underground circuit supports the light on the flag pole. Upon further discussion, the SB moved to delegate authority to Mr. Stone to work with Eversource to replace the pole in the same location. Mr. Stone will pursue.

Separately, Mr. Stone asked the board to contact Argent about removing the downed cable wires in certain locations (e.g., Prospect Street and Seaver Road). The SB noted it will attempt to reach the company or the PUC about this and get back to Mr. Stone at 603-499-2361.

Emergency Management– Jeff Cady noted he would meet with the Fire Chief about trying to obtain more N95 or higher protection masks for first responders.  He and the board then discussed information from the Governor about Right to Know Laws, including that governing bodies are permitted and encouraged to use emergency meeting provisions of RSA 91-A to conduct meetings through electronic means while preserving, to the extent feasible, the public’s right to notice of such meetings, and their ability to observe and listen contemporaneously.  In addition, the requirement that a quorum of a public body be physically present, unless immediate action is imperative, is waived for the duration of the State of Emergency. Public access can be offered by telephone with additional access possibilities by video or electronically. Meetings should be properly noticed and should be adjourned if, during any meeting, public access becomes unavailable. (See below for further discussion about board and committee meetings.)

Recycling Center – The EMD spoke further with the board about protocol for RC employees, continuing operations with precautions, adhering to social distancing, and wearing protective clothing worn. The board noted that, beginning Friday/Saturday April 3rd and 4th, tipping fees will be reinstated. Mr. Cady will obtain a lockbox to install as a health/safety precaution.

Signage with information and contact numbers for Covid 19 are continuing to be placed at key locations in town and on the website.

The SB noted that all expenses related to Covid 19 with be tracked and maintained in one account.

Board and Committee Meetings– The SB discussed the best course of action during the state of emergency and determined it would contact the chairs of the Planning and Zoning Boards, and the Historic District and Conservation Commissions. Following discussion, the board moved and voted unanimously in favor that no meetings, other than those of the Select Board, would occur during the month of April and that options for virtual meetings will be explored during this time. The SB also noted that building permit applications would continue to be accepted and processed; however those requiring zoning or planning board approvals would experience a delay in processing given the moratorium on public meetings. Board and committee chairs may delegate committee work as necessary.

Board/Committee appointments– The SB will contact board chairs regarding the expiring terms of individual members and their recommendations. The board will then process Oaths of Office accordingly.

As required of each board, including the Select Board, following Town Meeting the chair position must be voted on by members. Following discussion, the SB moved and voted in favor to reappoint Jay Jacobs as Chairman.

Highway – SB is awaiting the final quote from John Deere on the new grader.

The board will aim to draft its meeting agendas on Mondays, finalize them Tuesdays and post them latest Wednesday.

Gravel pit committee – the board will discuss at its next meeting, Thursday, March 26.