Meeting Minutes of the Emergency Management Director

 Location:  Town offices Date:  March 17, 2020
 Opened:    4:00 pm Adjourned:  5:15 pm

Attendees: Kathy Scott, Select Board; Jeff Cady, Emergency Management Director; Cathy Lovas, Town Clerk; David Belknap, Health Officer; Kate Shanks, Principal Wells Memorial School; Kevin Robins, Facilities Manager, Wells Memorial School; Claire Gargan, Harrisville School Board and Harrisville Children’s Center; Erin Hammerstedt, Executive Director, Historic Harrisville; Traceymay Kalvaitis, Chaplain of Harrisville and Dublin Community Church

The purpose of this meeting was to gather community leaders to see how best to coordinate efforts by the Town, School and key community organizations to support residents’ needs while safeguarding the safety and health of all during the coronavirus pandemic.

Jeff Cady noted his connections at the state level and via homeland security and his intention to keep everyone apprised with Covid-19 updates and information from those sources. He also recapped the discussions at the previous day’s meeting with the Select Board, Police, Fire and Health officials, including how to best protect town emergency services personnel and other employees and residents, and the safety precautions being put in place at each facility. It was noted that the town library was closed as of today.

The Health Officer added that reliable sources of information also include the Department of Health and Human Resources, The Monadnock Public Health Network, the CDC, and SAU 29.

Kate Shanks noted that all SAU 29 students can receive free breakfast and lunch between 8:30 – 12:00 pm at Keene High School or Franklin School, which is at the corner of Greenlawn and Page Street in Keene. The child needs to be present to receive the meals.  The district is still figuring out how to feed children during vacation week in April, still planned as of today.  Remote learning will begin Monday, March 23rd.

Claire Gargan updated the group that the Children’s Center is closing tomorrow, March 18 with currently plans to reopen Monday, April 6th,but subject to change based on current shortage of childcare service. Attendees discussed the availability of unemployment benefits, and the possible availability through different employers of emergency childcare, or via a state assistance program.

Kate Shanks noted that, given remote learning, the school could potentially be available as an emergency day shelter. Traceymay Kalvaitis raised the idea of the church and the adjacent Fellowship Hall sanctuary as available space for limited childcare.

All agreed on the importance of an informational mailer, with key contact information, to all residents and of postings at the red barn, Police Station, Town hall roadside bulletin board, Chesham Depot, Post Office, and School Bulletin Board for those without internet access.  Traceymay Kalvaitis asked to have her phone number made available for any needed assistance. It is 603-715-0990.  Erin Hammerstedt also offered to assist any way Historic Harrisville is able.  The General Store will remain open, but in a more limited capacity. The store number is 827-3138.

All discussed the best approach to a volunteer network, and matching needs to available volunteers. Requests for assistance and offers to volunteer can be submitted to the Select Board Office at Town Hall, 827-3431 (ext 1) or email  The town offices will work with Traceymay to coordinate the volunteer list.

The Health Officer noted that the spring on Skatutakee Road will be tested more regularly beginning in May. Any questions for the Health Officer David Belknap should be emailed to:

The meeting adjourned at 5:15 pm.