2020 Town Meeting Warrant Results


Article 1: Election of Town Officers – See 2020 Results

Article 02: Town Zoning Ordinances – See Zoning Ballot Results

Article 03 – Broadband Infrastructure Bond – Passed by Ballot Vote — 133 Yes to 3 No

Article 04 – Operating Budget – Passed by Voice Vote as amended to approve total 2020 Operating Budget of $1,257,798 (Amended to raise Budget Line 4140003 from $8,672 to $10,000.)

Article 05 – Purchase of Gravel Pit – Passed by show of hands, amended as follows  … and that the Select Board will create a representative committee of citizens and town officers to study the uses, and conditions of use, of the acquired property before operations are commenced on the acquired property, with a report of the committee’s findings submitted at a public hearing prior to commencement of activity.

Article 06 – Capital Reserve FundPassed by Voice Vote

Article 07 – Highway Grader Purchase – Passed by Voice Vote

Article 08 – Rebuild of Willard Hill, Mason Road, Brown Road – Passed by Voice Vote

Article 09 – Repair or Replace Highway Truck – Passed by Voice Vote

Article 10 – Fund Capital Reserves – Passed by Voice Vote with the following amendment $5,000 Gravel Pit Management and Reclamation (replacing $5,000 Gravel Pit Operations)

Article 11 – Skatutakee Dam Contribution – Passed by Voice Vote

Article 12 – Conservation Fund Reimbursement – Passed by Voice Vote with “for this purpose” added to end of article

Article 13 – Acceptance of Unanticipated Money – Passed by Voice Vote

Article 14 – Receive Report of Agents – Passed by Voice Vote