Historic District Commission Meeting 01-22-2020

Members present: Doug Walker, Chair; Anne Howe, Member; Kathy Scott, Select Board

Public attending: Don Scott, Volunteer to work on HDC Photo Album of Historic District (HD) properties and Google Maps HD Property Inventory begun with HHI

Meeting called to order at 7:10 pm

Agenda: approved.

Meeting Minutes from HDC Hearing 12-17-2020 unanimously approved

HDC Inventory/Photo Album:

Don Scott will work with Doug Walker to update the photo album after end of snow cover. Doug Walker will draft a letter to property owners informing of the project and requesting permission if needed, to access land for photos

Google Maps Inventory:

begun with HHI by HHI Intern Greg Socinski. HHI needs to grant administration rights for Don to complete this project.

Anne Howe noted that under the written descriptions for properties, there are many architectural details missing, and that each property file will require proof reading for accuracy of information. She further discussed the importance of using an Architectural Historian to fully review and update information as the original information was used for creation of The Harrisville Village Historic District as well as the National Landmark Districts in town. Therefore, the information must be updated by a professional who is appropriately credentialed, not by local volunteers.

Anne Howe brought forward information regarding becoming a Certified Local Government (CLG) through the State of New Hampshire Department of Cultural Resources. HDC members Anne Howe and Doug Walker will further research how this membership may benefit HDC as well as the town. There is no cost to the town for this membership.

The NH Division of Historic Resources on-line Database, “EMMIT,” may or may not have new information not currently in Harrisville, via HDC or HHI. A membership would enable computer access to the files held in Concord, NH regarding properties in this town, at a cost of $60/month, or $400/year. An appointment can be made in Concord at the NH Division of Historic Resources to review prior to purchase, to ensure if the information is different from what is already in town. Anne Howe and Kathy Scott will consider when one or both may be able to travel to Concord to review to see if a membership may be worthwhile.

Meeting ended 8:30 pm.

Respectfully submitted by Kathy Scott