Minutes of the Select Board

 Location:  Town offices Date:  January 9, 2020  
 Opened:    7:00 pm Continued: 10:00 pm to January 10, 2020 at 10:00 am  

Members present:  Jay Jacobs, Kathy Scott, Andrea Hodson_______________________

Attendees: Winston, Scott Oliver, David Webb, David O’Neil , Ranae O’Neil, Don Scott, Earl Horn, Barbara Watkins, Kathy Bollerud, Edwin Brooks, Ginny Brooks, Diane Shonk,

Health Trust – Representative Melissa Briggs presented the SB with information about long and short term disability benefits and life insurance. The town currently receives medical coverage from Health Trust for full-time employees. Ms. Briggs submitted costs and requirements for each policy, including potential premium costs, or annual costs, for the town or employees and potential duration of coverage.  She also shared quotes for dental coverage. The SB was reminded that HealthTrust requires a 75% employee participation rate for town eligibility in various benefit plans.

Sesquicentennial / 150th– The committee discussed with the SB budget organization and options to fund 150thactivities. The committee also requested a separate account to track available funds. The SB will consider. The next Sesquicentennial Committee meeting is January 20that the Church; the committee requests the attendance of a SB member. For the commemorative book, the committee will inform the SB when content is due for publication.  Ranae O’Neil will reach out to fireworks vendors for quotes.

Separately, Ms. O’Neil and David O’Neil requested to plant a tree in Memorial Park given the challenge of keeping the annually placed free-standing tree from blowing over in strong winds.

Traffic Safety Committee – Jay Jacobs noted the committee will meet Friday, January 10, at 9:00 am to discuss traffic safety during the 150th.

Trails Committee – Following up on its request last April, the Trails Committee requested funds be allocated in the 202 budget to help repair the town-owned rail trail, damaged from ATV use during wet conditions. Barbara Watkins noted that the committee, in response to the SB’s request, attempted to get a grant but was unsuccessful, but had put together an estimate and requested that the town take the lead on funding trail maintenance, as the committee is all-volunteer and provides some machinery as well. It does not, however, have the financial resources to repair the damage. The SB discussed estimated costs and asked the committee to identify the portions of the trail in the greatest need of repair, in order to conduct repairs in phases.

The SB also discussed the history of the Recreational Capital Reserve Fund, established in 1996, and the intent of this fund given the name change and the language in the 2007 Warrant Article. Earl Horn and Barbara Watkins wondered if this fund could help support repairs to the rail trail. The SB explained that Capital Reserves are generally set aside for large purchases rather than maintenance-related expenses. The SB will coordinate with the Road Agent and Trails Committee to walk the trail and discuss options for integrating the Highway staff and for managing repair costs.  The Trails Committee requested close communication in this effort. Separately the SB and Trails Committee discussed enforcement of appropriate trail usage. The committee requested the town adopt a ban on ATV use, but the Select Board noted the difficulty of enforcing, in addition to the possibly differing interpretations of appropriate use. The SB committed to working with committee and Highway to repair at least a section of the trail this year.

One Hundred Nights – Edwin Brooks requested a $2,500 contribution in 2020, or somewhere between $1,700 and $2,500, based on the services provided Harrisville residents. The SB discussed these services with One Hundred Nights representatives, as well as the service of the town’s Welfare Officer. Following discussion, the SB offered to commit $1,700. One Hundred Nights thanked SB and asked if more money somehow becomes available during budget planning and could be offered, they would greatly appreciate it. Mr. Brooks also recognized the generosity of Community Church and hope of regional cooperation to support the organization.

Streetlight Committee – The committee submitted its report for 2019, also noting it is working through the inventory of radial wave fixtures and believes it should purchase 5 more at a cost of $1250. Kathy Bollerud and Don Scott noted the goal is to refurbish the inventory, and to continue to work with Eversource and PUC to help install LED bulbs. The committee also noted an encouraging response from the PUC regarding discussing further the possibility of an EOL rate plan for Harrisville.  The committee hopes the LED bulb with single filament will be accepted by PUC soon and asked the SB to purchase 5 radial wave heads to add to the five in the existing inventory. Separately Don Scott submitted a work order to Eversource to repair outages.

Gravel pit – The SB noted that the samples tested showed good quality overall. SB continues to deliberate the opportunity to purchase for town use.

At 9:00 pm, per 91-A:3II(a) the SB moved and voted unanimously in favor to enter into executive session to discuss board positions. At 9:10 pm the SB moved and voted unanimously in favor to exit non-public session. The SB then moved to continue the meeting to the following morning. 

Minutes of the Select Board’s Continued Meeting

 Location:  Town offices Date:  January 10, 2020  
 Continued:    10:00 am Adjourned: 12:00 pm  


Members present:  Jay Jacobs, Kathy Scott, Andrea Hodson_________________________

The SB continued its work on the 2020 budget, noting the amount to be encumbered is $69,800 and that the amount estimated to be returned to the town’s fund balance is $120,000.  The board also is examining the potential impact of appropriations on the tax rate, including scenarios for leasing versus buying equipment.

Andrea Hodson will schedule the audit with Matt Murray.

The SB will discuss with the Broadband Committee potential 2020 expenses.

The SB signed the commitment to the City of Keene Recycling for participation in the household hazardous waste disposal program in the amount of $1,673.

The SB office will contact Golder Associates and Chem Serve for estimates for 2020 related to the Harrisville Landfill and the Groundwater Management Permit.

The SB noted the Budget Hearing will begin at 6:00 pm on Thursday, January 30.