DRAFT ZONING AMENDMENTS_ For Public Hearing on December 11, 2019


  1. Definition of Dwelling. To amend Article XXVI, definition of dwelling, as follows:

DWELLING: A building designed or used as the living quarters for one or more families, A single unit providing complete independent living facilities, including provisions for living, sleeping, eating, cooking and sanitation.” The terms “dwelling”, “one-family dwelling”, “multiple-family dwelling”, “two-family dwelling” or “dwelling group” shall not be deemed to include automobile court, rooming house, tourist home or hotel. For the purposes of this ordinance, “cooking” means to have the ability to heat, cook, and refrigerate food, with a sink and water supply separate from a bathroom.

Explanation: The purpose of this amendment is to make the Town’s definition consistent with the State Building Code definition; and to further clarify what constitutes “cooking.”

  1. Amendment #__: Solar Energy. To add a new section addressing solar energy systems.

Article XXX Solar Energy Systems

30.1 PURPOSE: The purpose of this section is to encourage energy-efficient patterns of development and to decrease dependence on fossil fuels by accommodating solar energy systems in appropriate locations while protecting the public health, safety and welfare. Consideration of the town’s scenic views, historic properties, and rural character will be taken into consideration to minimize potential impacts.

30.2 DEFINITIONS: In addition to all relevant definitions contained in other Harrisville ordinances and regulations, the following definitions apply specifically to this section.

30.2.1 Solar Collection System. All equipment required to harvest solar energy, such as storage devices, transfer equipment and all other necessary parts.

30.2.2 Roof-Mounted Solar Energy System. A system that is affixed to the roof of a building or other structure.

30.2.3 Ground-Mounted Solar Energy System. A system and associated mounting hardware that is affixed to or placed upon the ground.

30.2.4 Accessory Solar System. Any ground- or roof-mounted system intended primarily for residential, non-residential or agricultural on-site power generation. A ground-mounted system may not cover more than 1000 square feet of ground except by special exception. These systems are not to be used for the sale of electricity to other users; however, this is not intended to prohibit the return of excess power generated from time to time to the local utility company.

30.2.5 Commercial Solar System. Any solar collection system that is intended for sale of the generated power to a utility.

30.3 APPLICABILITY. Solar Collection Systems are permitted according to the following Table of Permitted Uses.

30.3.1. Any system proposed for the Historic District also requires approval from the Historic District Commission prior to obtaining any other approvals. DRAFT ZONING AMENDMENTS_ For Public Hearing on December 11, 2019


Table Of Permitted Uses


System Type Residential Agricultural Commercial Industrial Lakeside Residential Village Residential Historic
Accessory Solar: P P P P P P/HDC
 Roof-Mounted P P P P P P/HDC
 Ground-Mounted <15 feet P P P SE SE SE/HDC
 Ground-Mounted >15 feet SE SE SE SE SE SE/HDC
LEGEND: P = Permitted

SE = Permitted by Special Exception from the ZBA

SPR = Site Plan Review Approval from the Planning Board

HDC = Approval from the Historic District Commission