On November 15, 2019, the Select Board approved the following addendum to its minutes of its October 25, 2019 meeting:

Payroll: While there is currently no plan to change payroll processing, the SB requested timesheets be submitted on Monday mornings to support our effort to streamline process. Further guidance will be forthcoming when a holiday falls on a Monday. The board is considering a conversion to a bi-weekly payroll next year to save administrative processing costs. And, certainly, the board will work with employees to support a smooth transition.

Benefits: The board met with Melissa Briggs, HealthTrust representative, to review the town’s medical health plan and options for additional plans. Briggs presented the medical premium increase of 4.6% in July 2020. She presented a summary view of the plans the Town may offer, noting the Town may choose and offer up to three different plans. HealthTrust bylaws outline requirements for plan participation eligibility, including Select Board officials. The Town’s Plan year runs July 1 thru June 30. During open enrollment, eligible employees will receive 60-day advance notice about plan options, and may elect to make changes. In addition to expanding plan options, the board can consider the employer-employee premium share structure (currently 90% Town-10% Employee) and whether to extend plan access to part-time employees. The SB will consider all of it as it prepares the 2020 budget. Ms. Briggs will get quotes for additional services to the SB.

Tax rate: The board received and reviewed the DRA’s preliminary tax rate of $18.01 comprising of Municipal ($5.58), County ($3.75), Local Education ($6.73) and State Education ($1.95) tax rates. The board discussed its options for applying  portion of the Town’s Fund Balance to reduce taxes, attentive to both guidelines pertaining to what should be reserved in the Fund Balance and what additional amounts are available to draw on. The board moved/approved to apply $125,000 of the Fund Balance to reduce the 2019 tax to $17.40 (lowering the municipal tax rate from $5.58 to $4.97). Subsequent to DRA approval, the Assessor will create the Tax Warrant for the board to sign so that the Tax Collector can issue tax bill by November 8.