Town of Harrisville
Zoning Board of Adjustment
705 Chesham Road
Harrisville, NH 03450

You are hereby notified that the Town of Harrisville Zoning Board of Adjustment will hold a public hearing on Wednesday, November 20, 2019 at 7:00 pm at the Town Office located at 705 Chesham Road to consider the following:

Marcia Luciano, 264 Hancock Road (Map 21-Lot 14) applyingfor a Special Exception under Article 5.3.3 to replace an existing single-story cottage, approximately 5,225 cubic feet, with a new, two-story cottage, approximately 10,500 cubic feet, on the same footprint.

Yont Family Trust, 71 East Side Road (Map 72 – Lot 21) applying for a Special Exception under Articles 5.3.3 and 5.4.1 to replace an existing structure with an alteration in shape of the rear perimeter but with no change in square footage.   

The board may take up any other business that may legally come before it.

Posted by: Hal Grant
Date: October 24, 2019