Meeting location: Town offices
Date: October 25, 2019
Members present: Jay Jacobs, Kathy Scott, Andrea Hodson
Meeting opened: 8:30 am. Meeting adjourned: 12:45 pm

Attendees: Susan Weaver, Wes Tarr, Jeff Cady, Anne Havill, Cathy Lovas, Randy Tarr, Jr., Wayne Derosia, Winston Sims, Harry Wolhandler

Meeting of Department Heads:
(Department heads absent: Lynn Cook, Mike Wilder, Chief Driscoll, Rennie Timm)  The Select Board provided department heads with a Select Board Office operations update, including that there is no change in the hours of operation, that building permit processing has been brought up to date, and that the Building Inspector had reviewed and approved a revised Building Permit application form. The new form is available at Town Offices and on the website. The Fire Chief requested that updates to the Building Permit spreadsheet be deposited into mail bins.

The next order of business is streamlining of property/PID files with the hope of digitizing these for ease of access and storage. The SB is getting an estimate to do so. There currently is no plan to change payroll processing, but the SB has requested that timesheets be submitted on Mondays if possible. The board also hopes eventually to move to bi-weekly pay in order to save the town an estimated couple of thousand dollars per year, excluding staff hours to process. Should this occur, the SB will work with employees on the transition.

The board noted that, regarding office hours of operation, these will always be geared toward serving the public and keeping town operations running efficiently. The board also is evaluating whether staffing will require one full-time or two-part time positions, and is assessing bookkeeping, filing and maintenance needs and processes.

The SB asks department heads to begin preparing 2020 budgets.

All discussed ways of soliciting feedback on town services, possibly via a survey in Common Threads or on the website or on the town’s Facebook page.  The SB also proposes an annual calendar of key dates, including reminders about keeping roads free of leaves and snow that are removed from private property, key town meeting related dates, dog license renewal dates, etc.

Planning Board– A Community Conversation on Proposed Zoning Amendments is scheduled for Tuesday, November 5, from 6-8 pm. All proposed changes to the ordinances will be brought before Town Meeting in March.

Safety Committee– The SB thanked Mr. Cady for his work to date. Brian Tarr will join committee due to vacancies. The suggestion of a maintenance person to help with certain infrastructure projects is being considered.

Library– Susan Weaver requested assistance with storm windows, repairs to, or a new, front door, and an update on septic seal. The SB will follow up with Mr. Tichy.

Recycling Center – All discussed ideas for how to sell stickers for next year, whether this could or should be done at town offices or as part of tax bills or vehicle registrations. No decision made.

Highway Department– The Road Agent will get estimate to repair Willard Hill and part of Mason Road, and also Brown Road from the school to the end of paved portion.  He also will obtain estimates for a new grader.

The SB’s next meeting is tentatively scheduled for Friday morning , November 1.

Health Trust– The SB met with Melissa Briggs to review town’s current medical health plan and to review options and rates for additional coverage or services. A rate sheet was submitted, noting a 4.6% increase in cost beginning July 2020, and cost comparisons for different plans. The town may choose up to three plans. The Health Trust bylaws outline requirements for eligibility, including for town officials. Plan year is July 1 thru June 30. Employees get 60-day advance notice for eligible plan options. Board can consider changing what the town pays vs. what employees contribute while offering new plan options. The SB will consider as it prepares the 2020 budget. Ms. Briggs will get quotes for additional services to the SB.

Conservation Commission– Mr. Wolhandler noted that Mr. Scott’s appointment hadn’t been made official. He also requested that the SB address the issue of Mr. Sims immediately. The SB will discuss with Mr. Sims. Subsequently, the SB moved and voted in favor to appoint Don Scott to the HCC and signed his oath of office.

Broadband – The SB signed the Non-Disclosure Agreement submitted by Consolidated Communications on the Broadband Request for Information (RFI)

Other business
SB signed Pay Warrant in the amount of $133,526.64.

SB acknowledged receipt of a summons regarding an appeal, filed by Anne Cucchi, that the Superior Court review the PB’s decision on the Voluntary Merger of the Skatutakee Road lots owned by Pamela Worden. The Board has forwarded the information to counsel.

Tax rate – The SB  expects to have a final number at next week’s meeting.

Tax Collector– SB acknowledged receipt of resignation letter from the Tax Collector, dated October 24, 2019. Her resignation is effective November 21, 2019. SB subsequently moved to accept the resignation of Rennie Timm as Tax Collector with thanks for all she has brought to the job.

Town ClerkThe SB moved and voted unanimously in favor to support the Town Clerk’s recommendation for the Deputy Town Clerk position at 32 hours per month.

Meeting adjourned at 12:45 pm.