Ordinance Review Committee
Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Carol Ogilvie, Don Scott, Charlie Sorenson, Mary Ann Noyer, Harry Wolhandler

Meeting opened at 5:35 pm. Carol distributed Draft for Ordinance Review Committee_September 24, 2019. The group discussed the following:

12.2 District Boundaries – Members reconfirmed that Army Corps of Engineers language is clearer for defining wetlands areas and that vernal pools should be added to description. The goal was to explore whether the wetlands district should include a buffer/setback or only the wetlands themselves.  Members considered adding two more thresholds (25 or 50 feet) for exempting setbacks for certain uses. Also considered was using the Army Corps of Engineers definition instead of language ‘poorly drained’ and ‘very poorly drained’. Group will evaluate Permitted Uses (12.4)

Carol will check on state wetlands regulations to be enacted as of 12/15/2019. Group agrees wetlands themselves should remain according to state regulation but town would further regulate buffers. Carol noted difficulty of getting buffers/no disturbance passed at town meeting whereas setbacks allow opportunity for some activity. Discussed which exemptions could happen.

Group would like to try to get Mike Wilder to attend the next meeting. Timetable for town meeting, and timing of public hearings leading to town meeting, were then discussed.

Next ORC meeting is October 22nd at 5:30. Community Conversation is scheduled for November 5th. First Public Hearing on Proposed Zoning Amendments will be at the Planning Board meeting on November 13th.

Meeting adjourned at 6:45pm.