Historic District Commission
Wednesday, September 25, 2019
Meeting Minutes

Members present:Noel Greiner, Scott Oliver, Anne Howe, Jay Jacobs Select Board Alternate
Members absent: Doug Walker, Tom Weller, Kathy Scott
Members of the public: Don Scott, Erin Hammerstedt, Gretchen Murray, Andrew Murray, Claudia Savage

The Town of Harrisville Historic District Commission help a public hearing and site visits for the following:

HDC 2019-7  Gretchen Murray, 93 Main Street (Map 30 – Lot 67)– HDC members and the applicant met at the site to view the proposed location of single shed dormers on a modern addition to the original house.  Andrew Murray, overseeing the construction, explained the drawings and how the single-shed dormers would be wall dormers as opposed to within the roof line. Erin Hammerstedt noted that this was comparable to the dormers on a Church Street residence. Woodwork and cornice detail all will match existing. The proposed windows were described as having wood exterior and interior, simulated divided light panes and 3/8ths” muntins.

Attendees then moved to 24 Main Street to view the following:

HDC 2019- 6 David and Claudia Savage, 24 Main Street (Map 32 – Lot 3)–  Claudia Savage explained the property owners’ request to replace the clapboard siding and windows as well as the wall along the driveway side (west-facing) of the house, and to replace the roof on the rear section. The clapboard on the driveway side would be replaced with new wooden clapboard; the roof would be replaced with architect asphalt shingles, the same as the front of the house. On either side of the west-facing door, the applicant proposed to replace the two windows, not original to the house, with windows in the same dimensions.  HDC members and Ms. Hammerstedt had no additional questions or concerns about the proposal.

Following the site visits, attendees proceeded to town offices for the public hearing. Noel Greiner, vice chair, called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm.

Members unanimously approved the agenda as presented.

Meeting Minutes of August 28
Members unanimously approved the minutes of the previous meeting as written.

Mr. Greiner then returned to the two applications before the board.

HDC 2019-7  Gretchen Murray, 93 Main Street (Map 30 – Lot 67)
Mr. Greiner read a letter to the HDC from abutter Charles Michal expressing no objection to the proposed dormers. Mr. Greiner subsequently confirmed that all application materials had been submitted and deemed complete and asked the board if members had any further questions or concerns. On behalf of Historic Harrisville, Erin Hammerstedt commented that HHI, which has a covenant on the property, had thoroughly reviewed the proposal and approved it. Don Scott applauded the property owners for saving the building.  Subsequently, as no additional questions or concerns were raised, Scott Oliver moved to approve the Murray application as submitted.  Anne Howe seconded. The vote in favor was unanimous. Mr. Greiner signed the Notice of Decision / Certificate of Approval, a copy of which was provided to the applicant.

HDC 2019- 6 David and Claudia Savage, 24 Main Street (Map 32 – Lot 3)
Mr. Greiner noted that all of the applicants’ materials were submitted and deemed complete and asked for any additional comments or concerns. Board members had none. Erin Hammerstedt noted that, prior to seeing the completed application and visiting the property, HHI was concern that alternate materials may be used but, ascertaining this wasn’t the case, and that the windows, the character-defining feature, had already been replaced, she expressed appreciation for the extensive work being undertaken by the Savages to rehabilitate the home. With no additional questions, Scott Oliver then moved to approve the Savages’ application as submitted. Anne Howe seconded. All voted in favor. Mr. Greiner signed the Notice of Decision / Certificate of Approval, a copy of which was provided to the applicant.

As there was no additional business, the meeting adjourned at 7:20 pm.