Meeting location: Town offices
Friday, September 27, 2019
Members present:
Jay Jacobs, Andrea Hodson. Members absent: Kathleen Scott
Meeting opened:
9:00 am; Meeting adjourned: 11:50 am

Attendees: Wayne DeRosia, Les LaMois

Boards and Committees:
Recycling Center – Randy Tarr reviewed the tipping fee list and discussed with SB. Mr. Tarr will contact NRRA about hauling electronics. Oil and fluorescent tubes also will be discarded, possibly by Mr. Tarr at the Keene facility on October 16. Group then reviewed receipt document for tipping fees. SB will finalize for Mr. Tarr’s approval by next week. SB noted that beginning 2020 sticker processing will be handled at town offices by the town clerk.

Fire Department– Fire Chief submitted invoice for squad vehicle expenses. SB reviewed and will confirm, per the warrant article, that half the funds were contributed by the Friends of the HFD and half from the Capital Reserve Funds. Fire Chief noted that the tanker needs axel seals for one side and has an appointment to bring it in. The Fire Chief then requested a Department Head meeting, include the SB with the Police Chief, Fire Chief, Building Inspector, Safety Committee, Road Agent, Health Officer, Susan Weaver for the Library and the Town Clerk. Mr. DeRosia also asked for a facilitator to attend to help flesh out issues and concerns regarding the SB office. The SB agreed it would help schedule and will await response based on availability of department heads but disagreed that facilitator was needed.

Conservation Commission– SB discussed recent email exchanges relative to the Right-to-Know law and behavior of committee members. SB noted HCC would discuss at its next meeting.

Highway Department – Prospect Street bridge repair – SB noted Andrea Hodson will follow up with Canal Insurance with revised estimate based on the cost of wood/railing repair. Steel work is complete.

Code Enforcement– The Building Inspector visited the Hancock Road site where the permit had been applied for and where the step design was modified to meet the regulations. Regarding driveway permitting, the Select Board will discuss with the Road Agent and Building Inspector to clarify the two permit documents, the process and signatures required.

SB approved minutes of previous meetings 9/12 and 9/19.

Per RSA 91-A:3(II), at 11:00 am SB moved to enter executive session to discuss permitting process and personnel matters. At 11:55 am, SB moved and voted in favor to exit executive session.