Ordinance Review Committee
Meeting Minutes
September 24, 2019

Attendees:Carol Ogilvie, Charlie Sorenson, Don Scott, Harry Wolhandler, Lisa Anderson, Mary Ann Noyer

Public: Winston Sims

The group worked from Carol’s Draft for Ordinance Review Committee September 24, 2019.

1- Reviewed minor typographical edits to Article XXI ADUbased on Planning Board feedback.  Nothing further at this time.

2 – Considered modifying definition of structure, including adding portable garages as an example. Proposed modifying to read “Structure, Permanent” and remove “whether permanent or temporary”.

3 – Sign ordinance– reviewed changes suggested at PB meeting. No further changes suggested.

4 – Solar –  reviewed changes suggested at PB meeting; also added the potential height limit of 10’ above permitted roof height but Carol will ask solar industry expert at upcoming industry meeting. Group agreed required reviews (special exception or site plan review) should apply to projects on town property.

5 – Article XII – Wetlands Conservation District– Discussed how to define, including proposal that ½ acre or more in size would be subject to restrictions. Following discussion, all agreed leave out a specific number. Also discusses whether language related to poorly drained and very poorly drained soils is outdated. Carol will compare provisions to see what exemptions make the most sense, redraft and bring to the next meeting. All agreed on changing “Wetlands Conservation District” to “Wetlands Overlay District” throughout.

6 – ADU– Returned to further discuss definition of dwelling and ADU, in light of current ZBA application, and how language could be modified. Charlie sees need to apply definition of dwelling unit to Article 4.1.6. Committee focused on degrees of independence as key factor. No other specific changes proposed.

Lisa noted that November 5 is the date for a Community Conversationon proposed amendments for the 2020 Town Meeting. Time is 6:00-8:00pm.

Meeting adjourned at 7:00 pm.