Meeting location: Town offices
Date: September 19, 2019
Members present: Jay Jacobs, Andrea Hodson. Members absent: Kathy Scott
Meeting opened: 7:00 pm. Meeting adjourned: 9:15 pm

Attendees: Winston Sims, Mary Day Mordecai, Alison Weber, Ned Hulbert

Boards and Committees:
Transportation Committee – Mary Day Mordecai updated the SB regarding the proposed crosswalk near the General Store. An engineering study is required before submission of a MAST grant application. The TC has lined up Rob Hitchcock of SVE Engineering, who submitted a study proposal. The committee also will apply to Harrisville Community Fund for help with engineering study expenses. Separately Historical Harrisville’s Executive Committee has offered to contribute $1,000, endorsing the crosswalk implementation option previously endorsed by the committee and the Select Board, the option without a flashing beacon. The TC additionally noted the hope of all interested parties to use existing sign posts. The timeline for implementation hinges upon the engineer’s findings, cost estimates and availability of funds. The SB thanked the committee and noted its support, though Jay Jacobs expressed reservation that a crosswalk would reduce vehicle speeds. Separately the SB will check with the Road Agent about the mowing done at Hancock Road / Route 137, which helps clear sight lines at the difficult intersection.

Conservation Commission– Winston Sims met with the board to express objections to the HCC’s proposed Rain Garden Project. Specifically, Mr. Sims doesn’t believe the proposed gravel parking area is allowed under town zoning ordinances related to impervious cover; he asserted improper procedure during the course of the HCC’s approval of the project; and he asked if the application submitted to the state was the same application approved by the HCC at its last meeting. The SB discussed the details of the project with Mr. Sims and reviewed the PBN application with him, believing it had already been approved by the state. Mr. Sims added his concern that the rain garden as designed would require extensive maintenance. The SB did not believe the ordinance question was an issue and wondered why Mr. Sims wouldn’t welcome a pervious parking area over what currently exists. On the maintenance question, the SB would like to see how the project pans out. It does agree with Mr. Sims that property owner buy-in is an integral part of the town’s ability to address stormwater management.

Departments: Issues and updates
2019-2020 Fuel contracts – SB reviewed quotes for fuel and will follow up to ascertain that prices are current. Andrea Hodson will request an additional quote from Coyote Oil in Rindge.

Bridge accident update – SB expects to receive repair estimate tomorrow and will forward to Canal Insurance.

Budget & Finance workshop debrief – Andrea Hodson updated the SB on the workshop she attended. She raised the idea shared of using a July through June calendar year versus January to December. No action taken. The SB also discussed reminders for upcoming budget preparation.

Town Sesquicentennial– The tentative dates for the celebration are July 24-26, 2020. The SB will continue to work with the Old Home Days committee on program implementation.

Code Enforcement– The SB noted it supports the Building Inspector’s recommendation to permit a temporary driveway for John Sandri of Bonds Corner Road (Map 20-Lot 33). The board will assemble pertinent guidelines and application forms to review and clarify as needed.

SB signed financials in the amount of $2908.21.